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Alareth Spring-Fellow
Location Frostvault
Race Bosmer Gender Female
Reaction Friendly
Alareth Spring-Fellow

Alareth Spring-Fellow is a Bosmer scholar and member of Tharayya's expedition inside Frostvault.

Related Quests[edit]


She can first be met in the caverns sitting next to Soriel, where they are watching Landal explain his latest failed attempt at diplomacy:

"We'll be frozen solid by the time that barmy Breton gets us safe passage."

After you agree to help Tharayya's expedition:

"Did Tharayya convince you to join us? I hope you fare better with the Goblins."

When you start to fight your way through the Goblins, Landal will protest:

Landal Gevont : "Wait! Wait! Wait! What happened to reaching a peaceful resolution?"
Alareth Spring-Fellow : "Sorry, Landal. We tried it your way. I'm not freezing to death out here over Goblin diplomacy."
Ranja : "This one thinks the Goblins aren't interested in what you have to say. We have that in common."

After you enter the Dwemer ruins, the expedition will halt in front of the impassable door:

Tharayya : "Finally, the Vault of Mhuvnak! The Wrathstone must be through there."
Alareth Spring-Fellow : "Tharayya, it's welded shut. There's no way we're breaking through that."
Tharayya : "Maybe we won't have to."
Alareth Spring-Fellow : "That construct likely hasn't moved for thousands of years."
Tharayya : "I've seen far worse. We'll need to salvage some parts though."
Tharayya : "It'll need a new Soul Gem, for one, but I have something to help sniff that out."

Tharayya will then place a skeevaton on the ground:

Alareth Spring-Fellow : "What is that thing? A brass rat?"
Tharayya : "An acquisition from the Clockwork City. Perfect for finding things in hard to reach places."

If you talk with Alareth, she will muse about getting one of her own:

"I've never seen anything like that little rat. Didn't know anyone but the Dwarves made things like that. Might have to visit this Clockwork City when this is all done."

Before fighting Warlord Tzogvin, she can only comment as Landal tries to negotiate:

"Oh, Landal's in for it now …."

After killing Warlord Tzogvin:

Landal Gevont: Are we just going to kill everything we come across? I came here to study the Goblins, not slaughter them!"
Alareth Spring-Fellow : "Hold your horses. Tharayya also said we need to find an equilibrium sphere. Whatever that is."
Alareth Spring-Fellow : "Hey the rat's moving again. I guess we keep following?"
Alareth Spring-Fellow : "Damn, more Goblins. You go ahead, we'll catch up when it's clear."

If spoken with she will have the vain hope that the goblins might stand down:

"I don't suppose they'll give up now that their warlord is dead? Probably not."

After collecting the first item needed for the Dwarven Delver:

"I think we got what we came for, but I'm going to pull a few extra parts just to be sure.
No need for you to wait up, I'll be safe enough, now that you've demolished the sentries."

Alareth will find Equilibrium Sphere needed for the Dwarven Delver in a junk pile after you kill boss needed:

Alareth Spring-Fellow : "Hold up, I think the rat's onto something."
Alareth Spring-Fellow : "This an equa-whatever sphere, rat? Looks round enough to—and there it goes again. Let's get these parts back to Tharayya."

After you kill Rizzuk in the Coldsnap Scraphoard, you can find the needed shock conveyors:

Landal Gevont : "How are we supposed to find anything in all this mess?"
Alareth Spring-Fellow : "Trust the rat, Goblin-hugger … there! Let's get back these back to Tharayya."

After beating the Stonekeeper and retrieving half of the Wrathstone:

"All this trouble for a hunk of broken stone? There has to be more to it, surely."
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