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Location Saltspray Cave
Race Bosmer Gender Male
Reaction Friendly

Aglion is a crazed Bosmer student trapped inside Saltspray Cave. He has presumably been driven crazy by Tanion's grievous punishments and is sitting on top of scaffolding, giving very terse responses and claiming that the spiders present inside the cave belong to him.

<He stares icily at you.>
Are you all right? I can lead you out of -
Have you seen Ilara or anyone else go past here?
Where did they go?
<He stares at you.>
I can lead you out. It's not safe with all these spiders in here.
"Don't you dare touch my spiders! They're my spiders! Mine! Get out of here. Go away and never come back."

As you explore the cave, he can be heard saying, "You'll never leave here alive."

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