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Home Settlement Northern Morrowind Gate
Location Siege Range near the Northern Morrowind Gate.
Race Nord Gender Male
Reaction Friendly
Other Information
Faction(s) Ebonheart Pact

Adalmor is a Nord soldier of the Ebonheart Pact found at the siege range, near the Northern Morrowind Gate. He oversees the training with siege weaponry.

Related Quests[edit]


Welcome to Cyrodiil[edit]

"Careful—this is a live firing range. Are you supposed to be here?"
I have a delivery for you.
"Took your time, didn't you? Olvyia mentioned she sent a recruit to fetch these. Since you're here, we could show you the siege weapons."

Siege Warfare[edit]

True to his word, he will authorize access to the siege weapons for practice.

"Nothing better than causing massive damage on the battlefield, is there?
If you want to know more about rams and oil, talk to Lirtis. For trebuchets, catapults, and ballistae, speak with Looks-Forward."
Can I fire the weapons?
"You'd better; that's what they're here for. Spend a few minutes using each weapon. Hit the practice dummies with them.
Talk to Looks-Forward and Lirtis if you want more information. See me when you're done."
I will.

Once you have finished practicing with the siege weapons, you can return to Adalmor.

"Done already?"
I've practiced as much as I need to.
"I hope so, for everyone's sake. If you want a siege weapon of your own, you can buy them from siege merchants at our gates and keeps."
Anything else I should know?
"You need to know how to repair walls, doors, and siege engines. Our enemies will batter at our keeps while we bash at theirs. Siege weapons can be damaged too. All this can be repaired."
How do I repair?
"Killing the attackers is a good start. Then repair kits can fix some of the damage. Here's a practice repair kit for a siege weapon. Use it on a trebuchet, catapult, or ballista.
When you're done, Galsi wants to talk to you."
I'll repair a siege engine then talk to Galsi.

If you return to him later, he will say "Welcome back. Use the siege weapons, if you need practice."