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Midas Magic - Spells of Aurum is a mod for Oblivion created by XilverBulet. It adds over 290 new and unique spells, including beam, sprays, AOEs, projectile attacks, and over 25 new summons. Turn bodies to gold, summon your own magic carpet or Dwemer transformer, or protect yourself with a ring of fire.

  • Mod Goals
    • Extend the Magic system of Oblivion without disturbing the current spell system
    • Maintain the balance of the combat system
    • Add a completely different way to obtain these spells from the normal system


Midas Magic Story

Midas Aurumius, a once prominent member of the Arcane University, was on the verge of a magical breakthrough when personal differences with Arch Mage Traven got him expelled from the University. Midas, who was not without political influence, was able to pull strings and commision the construction of his shop just outside the inner gates of the Arcane University to spite Traven and continue his research. Once completed, Midas published his research and made use of his facilities available to the general public; giving access to spells that in many ways surpass those that are only available to Mages Guild members. But, obtaining Midas' Magic is not without its challenges. Many of the ingredients for the process are rare or difficult to obtain. Some may even require slaying legendary monsters or questing into new worlds to obtain.

The Spell System

Midas Magic has a unique spell creation system. The spells are not purchased like normal spells, but are instead created by an alchemical process in Midas' shop which is located to the right as you enter the Arcane University courtyard. The steps for creating a spell are as follows:

    • Find the Spell Recipe in One of Midas' Books
    • Collect the Ingredients for the Recipe
    • Place the Ingredients in the Aurum Reactor
    • Cast any Touch or Target Spell on the Reactor
    • Collect the Aurum Residue from the Reactor
    • Consume the Residue

Complete List of Midas Spells

Midas Spells Sorted By Book


The following is a list of in-game books that can be found in Midas Magic. Most of these contain at least one spell recipe.

  • Spell Books
    • Aurum Incatatem - The Primary Spellbook of Midas Magic. Most of the spells can be found here.
    • Anima of Aurum - The Primary Summons book.
    • Midas for Dimmies - Midas Spells for beginners.
    • The Dwemeri Art - Instructions for constructing the Prime Centurion.
  • Support Books
    • Aurum Assimilator - Instruction manual for operating the Aurum Assimilator.
    • Midas' Memoirs - The diary and log of Midas.
    • Astral Map - Cryptic Crossword for gate addresses
  • Quest Books
    • A Warlock's Luck - Starts the Warlock's Luck quest.
    • Eye of the Beholden - Grants a map marker to the Beholden's Lair.
    • On Lycanthropy - Part of the "Where Tiger" quest (2 versions).
    • The Prime Morpholith - Grants a map marker to Kahza-dun, the Balrog's lair.
  • Reward Books
    • Book of Armaments - A collection of Holy Spells, found in the heaven realm.
    • Book of Storms - A collection of Shock Spells, found in the thunder realm.
    • Book of Sands - A collection of Desert and Sand spells
    • Cryomancer's Guide - A collection of Frost Spells, found in the frost realm.
    • Ferromantic Systems Manual - Mechanical Spells, found in the metal realm.
    • Latte Ae - A collection of Light Spells, found in the light realm.
    • Magicks of the Glade - A collection of Druidic Spells, found in the forest realm.
    • Necronomicon Ex Mortis - Spells of Necromancy, found in the dead realm.
    • Pyrokinesis and You - A collection of Fire Spells, found in the fire realm.
    • The Greater Grimoire - A collection of Dark Spells, found in the dark realm
    • Tome of Underdark - A collection of Earth Spells, found in the cave realm.
    • Aquamancers Handbook - A collection of Water Spells, found in the water realm.
    • Whispers of Aeromancy - A collection of Air Spells, found in the air realm.






Where Tiger? Initiation: Hunt down a snipe and take one of its feathers