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How do I install the Mod?[edit]

First download the Mod and extract the ".zip" file in your Oblivion\data folder. Make sure you extract ALL the files, and that you keep the mod's directory structure intact. On launching oblivion, click the "Data Files" link and make sure that MidasSpells.esp is selected. Then, play the game. This Link gives more generic detail on extracting and installing mods if you need more help.

OMG! I cant Find the Shop! I looked at the map, but it's not there!![edit]

This mod requires the Oblivion 1.2 patch. This is the most common problem reported with this mod. It won't work without it. If you cannot upgrade to Oblivion version 1.2 you can download version 0.870 of Midas Magic. It's the last version that was compatible with oblivion 1.15. But it won't have the latest spells. If you've done all this, and just don't know where the shop is, read on...

I get Yellow Diamond<!> etc all over the place or sometimes things are a bright purple. Halp![edit]

Your files are most likely not in the right place. Make sure Midas Magic is installed in your oblivion\data and unzipped with its directory structure intact. Sometimes 3rd party unzip programs can make it easy to mess this up. Most of the Midas Magic meshes should install in your oblivion\data\meshes\magiceffects folder for the Newer versions, make sure you have both the MidasSpells.esp and the MidasSpells.bsa file in your oblivion\data folder.

Which file do I download from Tesnexus or Planet Elder Scrolls[edit]

I keep older versions on those sites for compatibility reasons but usually you just have to download the latest revision of the file. The file with the highest version number. At the time of this writing, the latest version was 0.995.

Is this mod compatible with XYZ other mod?[edit]

Midas Magic is designed to be very "non intrusive" it doesn't change the spell system or much of the world space. People have reported no issues playing with other mods like MMM, OOO, Frans, Supreme Magicka, PJ's Spell Compendium, or Mighty Magick. However, some of the spell rebalancing mods may affect the balance of Midas Spells. Midas Magic for Mighty Magick by rylasasin helps to balance the changes by Mighty Magick. Also, mods that change the Arcane University may have impact on Midas, however Midas Magic is designed to worked with Arcane University 300 if it is installed.

Midas Magic requires version 1.2 of Oblivion. How do I install that?[edit]

There are plenty of sites with instructions on upgrading. Use you favorite search engine to get started.

How do I upgrade from one version of Midas Magic to the next?[edit]

Just install the new .zip. It will replace the older files with newer files. Your older saves should work with the new version and should keep all the spells you have learned up until this point.

General Gameplay[edit]

Where do I find the Shop?[edit]

The shop is located in the Arcane University outside the Main Gates. This video will give you a fly-by on how to get there and you can find a map here.

How do I get the spells?[edit]

Talk to Midas. He'll direct you through the process of making the spells. But the basics are 1) Collect the Ingredients 2) Place the Ingredients in the Aurum Reactor, then hit it with a spell 3) Take the resulting "Aurum Residue" and eat it. If you need more help, watch the instructional video.

Does this unbalance the game?[edit]

This mod does give you new advantages, but these are tactical advantages that allow for more robust gameplay. This mod is specifically designed to avoid changing the spell power/damage balance. This is not a "cheater" mod by any stretch of the imagination.

Where can I find Midas' books?[edit]

The Aurum Incantatem & Anima of Aurum are in display Cases in Midas's Shop. The Aurum Assimilator Manual is next to the Assimilator, and the Midas Magic for Dimmies is on the upper floor of the Fraternity house across the courtyard from Midas' Shop. There are several quest related books on the shelf behind Midas as well. He also sells extra copies of each.

This mod takes a lot of gold. Where can I find more?[edit]

The Aurum Assimilator is designed to allow you to melt down gold jewelry to produce gold nuggets. Also, the "Broke Back Mining Co." will sell shares in their mining efforts. This will increase their likely hood of producing gold which you can buy. This is not an inexpensive option but it's a good way to ensure a steady stream of gold nuggets later in the game.

What does the Doorbell do?[edit]

The doorbell is a "compatibility" workaround, if you use a mod that changes the Arcane University and cannot enter Midas' Shop. Press the doorbell and the Mod will reconfigure itself to work with your set-up. It also prompts Midas to clean up his shop, in case you wrecked it testing a spell.

How do I raise the tiger?[edit]

You must collect and feed him Boar Meat. And yes, that's all he'll eat. Place the meat on the ground in front of him and wait a moment. Don't leave or he'll follow you and not eat the meat (he's quite attached). Once he picks up the meat, he'll wander a while before finally sitting to eat it. After eating each dining, he'll grow a little bit.

How do I make the Centurion?[edit]

First, he has his own book "The Dwemeri Art." It's on the shelf behind Midas in his shop. Follow the recipe. Make sure you don't use any Special armor or shields, the ceremonial version or enchanted versions of the equipment won't work. Also, make sure you don't forget the Volendrung

I have lost a book, what do I do![edit]

The books themselves aren't a requirement, just the info in them. But, in case you need more, Midas sells extra copies.

I can't summon creatures... the force spells don't work.... the shop doesn't appear where the map shows it.[edit]

Make sure you are running Patch level 1.2 of Oblivion, SI is NOT required but is compatible.

When I try to summon a Midas Summon I get the message "Too Many Summons."[edit]

Cast the "Midas Unsummon" spell to reset your summon count

I can't figure out the Weretiger Quest.[edit]

Well, to start read the book "On Lycanthropy" in Midas' Shop. It will give you clues as to what to do next. Here's the step by step. first you need to create the Silver Bullet spell in the On Lycanthropy Book, it's the only way to kill him/ Once you've done that you should go to the Frat House and read the copy of "On Lycanthropy" on the upstairs bookshelf that points you to the next step He's wandering the wilderness along the Panther River, He starts around the North East of Garnet Camp

How does the Brokeback Mining Co. Mine work?[edit]

This isn't your standard gold mine. Basically, the Brokeback Mining Co. has already staked claim to this mine. What you need to do is enter the office of the company and purchase shares in the mine. This provides funding to the company and increases their likelihood of finding gold. You can then purchase these nuggets in the company store. The way the formula works, for each share you purchase, the company has a 5% chance of finding a nugget each day, and will keep a maximum of 3 nuggets in stock. So, return often.

I the "Wings of an Angel" spell works but I don't see the wings.[edit]

Unfortunately, the only way to make this work with out creating mod conflicts was to use an "amulet." Some armor hides amulets so the wings will not show up. The spell works fine, but you don't get the pretty visuals with some armor.

  • You can solve this problem quickly and easily by opening up whatever armors are covering the wings/amulet slot in the TESCS and unchecking the "hide amulet" box. Only cuirasses or full body armors tend to hide the amulet slot. Or, maybe you can open up the wings in the TESCS and change them from the amulet slot to the tail slot, but know that whenever you wear the wings, if you have a beast character their tail will disappear instead.*


Where can I find a specific Ingredient?[edit]

For most of the ingredients, this Ingredients List is very helpful. It covers the standard ingredients in the game. Info on misc. Items like "Stone Bricks" can be found Here. Some ingredients are Midas Magic specific like the enchanted cloth which Midas sells or the Astral Beacon Cap, those are covered below.

The Angel Feather[edit]

This obviously comes from angels. You have to create the summon angel spell first. Then you have to summon your angel in the right place. If you summon the angel in a cathedral, it will instead summon a powerful Archangel who will sell you an angel feather along with potions and some healing spells.

The Astral Beacon Cap[edit]

Astral Beacon Caps can be found in the Astral Pocket. This is accessible via the Astral Recall spell or through the gate in Midas' Basment. See "How do I get beyond the First Island" below for more info.

The Eagle Feather[edit]

This is found in one of the Astral realms. It is in the "TREES" realm. Look for the eagle flying around here

The Enchanted Cloth[edit]

This is bought from Midas.

The Sigil Essences (Life Essence, Fire Essence, etc.)[edit]

These are created in the Aurum Assimilator in the corner of Midas's shop by "separating" Sigil Stones into their base essences. Read the Book "Aurum Assimilator Manual" for more information and a breakdown of which stones create which essences.

The Slime Heart and Eyes of the Beholden[edit]

These can be found as part of the Eye of the Beholden quest. Read the "Eye of the Beholden" in Midas' Shop to learn more.

Ebony, Jade, Brass/Copper Nuggets[edit]

These are created by separating jewelry in the Aurum Assimilator. Separating jewelry will create "fragments" that can be combined into nuggets.

The Prime Morpholith[edit]

Read the book "The Prime Morpholith" behind Midas In his Shop. It will give you a new Map location.

I've got all the ingredients but cannot create the Centurion. What's wrong?[edit]

First double check the ingredients. Make sure none of the items are enchanted, no special spells on them and no special names. And make sure you have all the items listed below. And the boots aren't required (but don't cause a problem if they're there).

  • GoldNugget
  • Volendrung
  • DwarvenShield
  • DwarvenHelmet
  • DwarvenCuirass
  • DwarvenGauntlets
  • DwarvenGreaves

Note: For those using OOO this recipe may be a problem. There may also be a problem if you use a mod that changes these items such as Fransesco's 4.5b. If the above recipe doesn't work for you, there is an alternate recipe that requires 5 brass nuggets instead of the armor and shield.

The Astral Plane[edit]


The Astral Plane is pivotal to Midas' study of inter-dimensional travel. You first enter it with either the Astral Mark/Recall spell, or through the smaller portal in Midas' basement (Version 0.960 and up). The first challenge is to find your way deeper into the astral plane. The first Island is only the beginning. Activating the Great Astral Crystal in the Heart of the Astral Plane will enable you to travel through the astral plane (using the Great Astral Gate) to new worlds.

How do I get beyond the First Island[edit]

There is a specific "trick" to getting beyond the first island that makes it a bit of a challenge. But if you want the answer, here is the secret. There is a second smaller island off in the Mist. One way to get there is to use the Force Push spell; when cast slightly downward it will serve to extend the jumps of the player. If you cast this spell repeatedly after jumping off the ledge of the Astral Pocket, you can control your fall and navigate toward the smaller island. There are several other "flight" spells that may be used as well.

I can't figure out how to open the Crystals on the small island in the Astral Plane[edit]

Well, I did want this to be a bit of a brain teaser, The Hint when you click the stones says "Cast Open the Stones and Enter" If you want the answer, here it is: Cast an "Open" lock spell on the stones.

I've found all but one of the crystals, where's the last one?[edit]

Well, chances are...you can't find the one crystal that is beyond the astral mist. On entering the "water" of the astral mist, follow the giant white fish to an upside down door. Sometimes the fish doesn't appear. If that happens, head due east, and look downward.

Ok, so I'm in the astral plane and have collected all the Crystals now what.[edit]

Two steps... First Place the crystals on the pedestals in the Astral Heart Area once that's done then active each one in a musical sequence. If you do it in the right order, the main crystal will light up with each step. (hint: close encounters of the third kind)

In the Wayward Skeep Quest, how do I get the skeep to follow me?[edit]

Just like any other creature with...A command creature spell

Where can I meet Tyrael?[edit]

This is part of the astral plane quest. Get the Summon Angel spell and cast it in the Temple in the Divine Astral plane

I just want to access the wearable items in the spells for screenshots. Where can I get them?[edit]

Look in Midas' upstairs bedroom, there is an armoire there with "costume copies" of the items obtained in the spells. They don't have the enchantments but can be equipped at will.

Special Note for OOO Users[edit]

OOO changes some items used as ingredients for Midas Magic. I have included some "replacement" recipes for these items:

Dwarven (Dwemer) Armor: To make Centurion Prime, an alternate recipe using 5 brass nuggets may be used.

Grand Soul Gems: Using "Midas Death Ray" on certain High Level creatures will create a "Midas Grand Soul Gem" which may be used as a substitute