Oblivion:King of Miscarcand

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King of Miscarcand (RefID: 00018138)
Location Miscarcand, Morimath
Species Lich Soul LeveledL:+1
Level PC+1 Min:6 Type Undead
RefID 00018138 BaseID 0009589E
Other Information
Health 15×(lvl+1) Magicka 33×(lvl+1)
Respons. 0 Aggress. 100
Faction(s) Creatures; LichFaction; MQ12 Undead Faction
The King of Miscarcand

The King of Miscarcand is a lich that can be found in Miscarcand, Morimath. He will appear once you retrieve the Great Welkynd Stone. He is followed by three Zombie Guardians.

Related Quests[edit]



  • If you don't kill the King of Miscarcand during the related quest, he and his two Zombie Guardians will pursue you anywhere in Cyrodiil, making you unable to sleep, wait or fast travel, because the game always states there are enemies nearby. See the quest page for details, including fixes.