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Mehrunes Dagon is the Daedric Prince of destruction. He is involved in a quest, and indirectly in another.

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Related Quests[edit]


Mehrunes Dagon's Quest[edit]

"Why do you call on me, little mortal? Do you seek your death so soon? I should crush you where you stand, yet you show mettle by even approaching me. How ambitious are you, little one."

"Would you like a chance to prove your worth to me?"

If you accept:

"You are brave or foolish. Perhaps both. This, then, is your chance to prove your courage. My Razor, slayer of man and mer, scourge of all who stand before it, lies dormant. Stolen by an unworthy bearer, an elf of little courage or consequence, it lies unused, gathering dust in the Alas Tomb near Molag Mar. Return it to me, mortal. Prove yourself to be a worthy bearer of Mehrunes' Razor."

If you decline:

"I expected little else. Take your leave of this place or die where you stand."

After you complete the task:

"You've found my Razor. Good. Can you feel its hunger? Can you feel its frustration? Now, I will make it again what it once was, what it shall always be. Draw a line of blood across the land in the name of Mehrunes Dagon!"


  • The following obtainable items are associated with Mehrunes Dagon:
  • For Daedric Shrines associated with Mehrunes Dagon, please see the following list.
  • His role in the upcoming Oblivion Crisis is hinted during Tribunal, by Eno Romari.
  • During the quest Mehrunes Dagon of the House of Troubles, activing his shrine will state "Once like a Great House founded on sand, Stood our Temple whose pillars on troubles were based. Now mischievous spirits, bound, in dim corners stand, Rotted columns, but with iron-bound bands embraced. Cracked, crumbling marble, tempered on every hand, By strong steel forged in fire and faith. Shackled, these wayward servants serve the land, The Temple secured by the Builder's grace."