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Larienna Macrina (larienna macrina)
Location Nchurdamz
Race Imperial Gender Female
Level 19 Class Crusader
Other Information
Health 212 Magicka 120
Alarm 0 Fight 30
Follower During Battle at Nchurdamz
Larienna Macrina

Larienna Macrina is an Imperial crusader who has been hunting a Daedroth named Hrelvesuu. She has finally cornered her in the ruins of Nchurdamz and has contacted the Fighters Guild for help in finishing her once and for all.

Larienna is an accomplished fighter and is also capable of healing you during the related quest. Once Hrelvesuu is dead, Larienna will remain at her final location, and can be approached should you ever need healing again in the area (though her spell for this is weak).

She is wearing a near full set of Imperial Steel armor, including the cuirass, both pauldrons, both gauntlets, greaves, boots, and shield. She is also wearing a pair of expensive pants, she is wielding a steel flamesword, and she is carrying two quality restore healths, two quality restore fatigue, two quality restore magickas, and 50 gold pieces. Aside from her natural charm and ability to absorb fatigue from others, she knows the following spells: Deadly Poison [Ranged], Weakness to Blight Disease, Weakness to Corprus Disease, Dire Weakness to Fire, Dire Weakness to Frost, Dire Weakness to Magicka, Dire Weakness to Poison, Dire Weakness to Shock, Daedric Bite, God's Spark, and Heal Companion.

Related Quests[edit]

Fighters Guild[edit]


"Ho there! You're one of Hrundi's band, aren't you? I can spot you a mile off. I've been waiting for some time now for assistance, but I suppose you will have to do. I'm on a quest to root out a "great beast" dwelling within these ruins. You and I will explore together."
  • Explore Together
    • "I have scoured the world over hunting a specific Daedroth with whom I have had issues in the past. When last we battled, I struck her a blow so grievous that she fled via spell to her dark sanctuary. This is that place. The beast's name is Hrelvesuu. She is weak, and likely recuperating from the damage I caused her. This place is well defended and I need someone to watch my back. You can have whatever "treasure" you can find in there. I seek only vengeance. What say you?"
  • I'm Ready.
    • "All right then. Let's go. Remember, let me know if you require aid -- you watch my back and I'll watch yours. Take point and root out the threats. The treasure is yours -- and Hrelvesuu is mine."
    • "What's that? Do you require aid?"
  • Require aid
    • "Understand that this does deplete my strength. However, I trust your judgement"

Throughout the dungeon, she will state the following.

"I can smell the stench of the Daedroth. It is here and I will find it!"
"At last! A means to vanquish Hrelvesuu. The final battle awaits!"
"The beast is near now ... very near. Be on your guard."

When you engage the daedroth:

"Hrelvsuu! [sic] I have come for you! Show yourself!"

After you kill the daedroth:

"Hrelvesuu is vanquished, yet somehow I feel uneasy. I must investigate these ruins further. You have been a worthy companion. Farewell my friend."


  • She is one of very few people in Morrowind (before the expansions) that has unique audio dialogue.
  • She uses strong area-of-effect spells on enemies, and, if you are not careful, it is entirely possible for her to kill a low-level player character in one hit if you do not stay out of the way (or are actually fighting her).
  • After finishing the quest, Hrundi will tell you that Larienna has left Vvardenfell because of "unfinished business". Despite this, she will actually still remain in Nchurdamz.
  • Despite her race being Imperial, her unique dialogue uses the female Breton's voice actress while still using the regular Imperial voices for generic dialogue. It's possible she was originally planned to be a Breton and changed to an Imperial, and the voice-overs weren't updated accordingly.