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Fjorgeir (Fjorgeir)
Location Rethan Manor
Race Nord Gender Male
Level 17 Class Barbarian
Other Information
Health 201 Magicka 86
Alarm 0 Fight 30
Follower During and after Stronghold (Hlaalu)

Fjorgeir is a Nord barbarian working as a mercenary for the Fighters Guild (though not actually a member).

If you are a member of House Hlaalu, you can eventually hire him from Flaenia Amiulusus at the Fighters Guild in Balmora to work as a guard for your Stronghold, Rethan Manor, and protect it against bandit attacks (just as a plot point; the game does not actually provide any such attacks). You can choose whether to have him stay and guard your stronghold (if you do not want to risk getting him killed or want to use him later), or have him accompany you to Zainsipilu and fight the bandits. If he survives, you can continue to use him as a follower to fight alongside you.

Related Quests[edit]

House Hlaalu[edit]

Quest-Related Dialogue[edit]

Stronghold (Hlaalu)[edit]

"I had word you hired someone to guard against bandits."
guard against bandits
"Aye, I can help ye with the bandits. I know just where they are. A little cave called Zainsipilu just across the Odai River and south over the hills. I can stay here and guard the stronghold while you fight, or we can fight together as long as your gold is good."
fight together
"Aye. I'll fight by your side until your gold runs dry."

As a follower:

Guard this spot.
"So, I'm to guard right here, eh? You can count on me."
Fight with me.
"Just lead the way, %PCName."

If spoken to after the bandits are dead:

guard against bandits
"Maros Gimayn, the leader of those bandits, is dead."


  • He is not present in the game unless you have progressed far enough in the stronghold quest.
  • If you happen upon the bandits that are the target of the quest and kill them before getting the quest, Fjorgeir will not be available to you (asking Flaenia Amiulusus about him under this circumstance triggers her to say that he's dead). See Stronghold (Hlaalu) § Notes for a workaround.
  • Fjorgeir pre-dates the Tribunal expansion and does not have the inventory-sharing feature of the companion provided by it, Calvus Horatius. Consequently, if you use him a lot and keep him alive, his gear with eventually wear out and become unequipped. It can be removed and re-added in "clean" state, by item ID, with the RemoveItem and AddItem commands in the Console.