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Race Nord Gender Male
Died Eastmarch
Resided in Skyrim
Hot springs of Eastmarch
Sulfur pools of Eastmarch

Wuunding (also spelled as Wuundig)[1] was a legendary hero held in high regard by the Nords of Skyrim.[1][2]

Two legends of Wuunding's deeds were known and recorded by Vothel Bethalas in Wuunding and Tumult. According to the author, every Nordic town had another legend about him, and every Nord they met claimed that they were all true.[2]

One of the tales, Wuunding and the Mountain, tells the story of Wuunding's journey into the high mountains. He ventured there to fight against a powerful troll lord. The slopes were steep and the snow was thick, and he found it harder and harder to scale the peak. Enraged by digging and struggling, he shouted at the mountain as loud as he could, asking it to shed its snow, but the mountain was stubborn and would not listen. Frustrated, he cleared the snow from a rock and used Tumult to strike it with all his might, causing an avalanche that made a clearing that allowed him to pass. According to legend, the mountains remember the pain. The listeners are advised not to shout at them in order to avoid avalanches.[2]

The second legend, The Melting of the March, speaks of Wuunding's demise. According to it, a great frozen Daedra made its home in Eastmarch. It slaughtered numerous Nords and conjured an unending blizzard. Upon learning of the monstrosity, Wuunding ventured to Eastmarch and sought to slay the Daedra. Initially, he tried to venture into the heart of the storm but was forced to turn back due to the freezing cold. As he wandered the edge of the storm, he prayed to Kyne for help. Before long, he came upon a shack where an old woman lived. She invited him in, and upon hearing his tale, she produced a small flask, claiming that this would help him reach the Daedra. She warned him, however, not to drink too much at once. The flask contained the sweetest mead he ever tasted and granted him immunity to the magical blizzard. He managed to reach the center of the storm, and find the Daedra. Wuunding fought valiantly, but eventually his strength began to fail, and he downed the whole flask of mead, disregarding the warning. As a result, he was consumed by a fire so powerful that his hammer Tumult burst into flames. The Daedra melted more and more with each strike, leaving steaming pools behind. In the end, nothing was left of the Daedra but the stinking puddles, and Wuunding and Tumult were consumed by the flames. The pools now known as the hot springs of Eastmarch are believed to be reminders of Wuunding's heroism.[1][2]

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