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Snow Prince
Race and Gender Snow Elf Male
Died Merethic Era
Moesring Mountains
Resided in Solstheim

The Snow Prince was a Snow Elf of great fighting prowess who lived on the island of Solstheim. His kin had great respect for him, and hailed him as their savior in the Battle of the Moesring. The Snow Prince killed many Nords in the battle with his ice magic and his spear, but was struck down by Finna, a twelve-year-old girl, who threw her mother Jofrior's sword at him after she had seen the Prince slay her.[1]

The Nords won the battle, but out of respect and awe they did not burn the body of the Snow Prince with the rest of his kin. Instead, they buried him in a freshly dug barrow, which later became known as Jolgeirr Barrow, along with his steel armor and spear. His body was not encased in Stalhrim as Nordic tradition dictated, but the tomb was lined with treasures worthy of royalty and guards were assigned to protect it.[1][2] News of his death spread across the land, reaching even the isolated and scattered tribes of Snow Elves across Skyrim.[3]

Sometime before the tomb was abandoned, the guardians became aware of Angria "and her rabble" planning to steal the Snow Prince's steel armor. Heinlen the Heavy's men drove the graverobbers away, although they made off with the ancient helmet. Heinlen tried to warn Winter-Fist,[2] but ended up at the bottom of Lake Fjalding, likely murdered by the thieves. Angria's corpse was found in 3E 427, hanging from the ceiling of her hideout, the Frykte ice cave. In the same year, Jolgeirr Barrow was rediscovered and looted. Fall of the Snow Prince, an ancient account of the Battle of the Moesring taken by Lokheim, was uncovered within and came into the possession of Athellor, an Altmer scholar of the thought-to-be-extinct Snow Elves.[4] The document was later published and had become popular literature in Cyrodiil by 3E 433,[5] and Skyrim by 4E 201.[6]



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