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Serana as seen in Skyrim
Race Nord Gender Female
Resided in Skyrim
Appears in Skyrim

Serana is the estranged daughter of Lord Harkon and Valerica. She and her family became Vampire Lords after her father made a deal with Molag Bal and founded the Volkihar clan at an early point in history. As a Daughter of Coldharbour, Serana's transformation was unpleasant and emotionally scarring due to Molag Bal's cruel nature. Eventually, Harkon became obsessed by the Tyranny of the Sun prophecy which required the blood of Serana or her mother to power Auriel's Bow to blot out the sun. In defiance of Harkon, Valerica fled with Serana and took two of the Elder Scrolls that were needed to fully understand the prophecy, while Valerica hid in the Soul Cairn with hers. Serana was sealed inside Dimhollow Crypt with the other scroll, sometime between the early part of the First Era and prior to the rise of the Septim Empire at the end of the Second Era.nb1

Many years later, Serana was awakened by the Last Dragonborn, who had been sent to investigate Dimhollow Crypt by the Dawnguard, and returned to Castle Volkihar. She questioned her father's lust for power and found an ally in the Dovahkiin. The pair ventured into the Soul Cairn to find Valerica and her Elder Scroll, then searched the Forgotten Vale and retrieved Auriel's Bow from two of the last known Snow Elves. Together, Serana and the Last Dragonborn confronted and slew Lord Harkon. Serana was then free to live out her immortal life how she saw fit. Some say she eventually sought out a cure for her vampirism.[1]


  • nb1Information given by the developers on when Serana was put to sleep has been inconsistent, differing between being asleep by the First Era[UOL 1] to being alseep by the middle[UOL 2] or later part of the Second Era, between the Reman and Septim Empires.[UOL 3] Whatever the case, it can be surmised that Serana was asleep before the existence of the Septim Empire.

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