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Race Dragon Gender Male
Born Dawn Era
Final Death 4E 201
Resided in Apocrypha
Appears in Skyrim
Sahrotaar and Miraak

Sahrotaar was a serpentine dragon whose name could mean "Mighty Servant", "Mighty Slave",[1][2][3] "Phantom Word Slave" or "Phantom Word Servant"[2][4][3] in the Dragon Language.

At a certain point in history, Sahrotaar swore allegiance to Miraak and considered him the only true Dovahkiin.[5] Miraak used Sahrotaar as his personal mount.[6]

In 4E 201, the Last Dragonborn traveled to Apocrypha to challenge Miraak. Through use of the Thu'um, they swayed Sahrotaar to betray Miraak. He helped them to reach the First Dragonborn on the summit of Apocrypha where the Last Dragonborn confronted Sahrotaar's former master. During the fight Miraak absorbed Sahrotaar's soul to regain vitality, killing him in the process.[7][8] Having had his soul devoured by another dovah, Sahrotaar was killed permanently and cannot be raised again.[9][10]

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