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Ambassador-Lord Naigon Strale
Race Man Gender Male
Born 3rd Era
Resided in Iliac Bay

Naigon Strale was a nobleman and an expert mage that was active in the late-Third Era around the Warp in the West. In his time, he was an agent of the Blades and even an ambassador to Emperor Uriel Septim VII.[1] He makes an appearance in the historical fiction book, the Mystery of Talara, in which the book describes him as "a stocky, well-dressed young man with a bald pate and a commanding presence of authority."[2] In the book, he is an important character that became involved in a greater conspiracy with the lost Princess of Camlorn and he also had a manservant named Gnorbooth.[3]


Lord Naigon Strale was sent at the behest of the Emperor to be his ambassador in the Court of Wayrest, at the time ruled by King Eadwyre and Queen Barenziah in 3E 417. From there, he would rendezvous with another agent on the scene, Lady Brisienna Magnessen. On the morning of the 9th of Frostfall, Lord Strale traveled down the Bjoulsae River on an Imperial barge. After he passed the fishing village, Candlemass, a large tidal wave had smashed onto his barge and he washed ashore. From there, he made a week long trek toward the capital city as the land around him was engulfed in unbridled warfare. By the time he reached Wayrest, the King was celebrating his victories and his domain had expanded three-fold from the windy glades of Anticlere, to the flooded plains of Gavaudon, all in just two days.[1]

Naigon was determined to know how the King was able to conquer so much in such a short time, but Eadwyre had brazenly refused to answer. Queen Barenziah did not divulge much information either, but enough for a basis. From what Strale had gathered from the other kingdoms, which was then verified with her story, he learned that an adventurer had a powerful weapon in their possession and that the King tried to buy it from them, much like the other monarchs. Then on the 9th of Frostfall, the three other kingdoms waged war with Wayrest, and the King barely had time to register the situation and reacted justly by retaliating. Historians have dubbed the event the Warp in the West and as Naigon Strale returned to the Imperial City months later, he submitted his report to the Blades Archivist, Ulvius Tero, who then compiled other similar reports into a book, The Warp in the West.[1]


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