Lore:Hyperagonal Locational Determinator

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The Hyperagonal Locational Determinator was a device created by Telenger the Artificer around 2E 582. It allowed the user to teleport themselves anywhere they desired, even to places that were protected by magical defenses such as Artaeum and The Clockwork City.

Circa 2E 582, High Magistrate Rinwaray of The Divine Prosecution (posing under the identity of Penewen with an enchanted necklace) manipulated Telenger the Artificer to use his teleportation device on her to teleport her into the Clockwork City. There she planned to find Seht's Affect Inducer, a magical device entrusted originally to Barilzar that can manipulate a person's emotions. She planned to use it on Proxy Queen Alwinarwe for her own political gain and to revert the Summerset Isles to isolationism.

Her efforts were stopped when Razum-dar caught wind of her plot and followed her tracks through the Clockwork City, the Evergloam, Artaeum (accidentally), and eventually caught her in Alinor where he managed to subdue her.[1]


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