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Prince Greklith
DF-npc-Greklith (face).png
Prince Greklith as seen in Daggerfall
Race Redguard Gender Male
Born 3E 392
Died 3rd Era
Resided in Sentinel
Appears in Daggerfall
Prince Greklith of Sentinel

Prince Greklith of Sentinel was the son of King Camaron and Queen Akorithi, and brother of Aubk-i and Lhotun.[1] Greklith became heir to the throne of Sentinel following the disappearance of their eldest sibling, Prince Arthago.[2][3][1] Greklith died of a plague near the end of the Third Era.[3]


Prince Greklith was born in 3E 392, the third child of King Camaron and Queen Akorithi of Sentinel.[1][4] His name was an ancient Redguard word meaning "strong king", and appropriately he is said to have been a very strong, very healthy boy—unlike the Crown Prince, Arthago. However, his sickly sibling vanished under mysterious circumstances in 3E 400, making Greklith the heir to the throne.[5]

However, after King Camaron was killed in battle in 3E 403, Akorithi assumed the regency. Greklith was a regular fixture in the throne room of the Citadel of Sentinel during her reign.[1] Ironically, Greklith fell victim to a plague in the years following the Miracle of Peace, never having taken the throne.[3]

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