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Imago Storm

The Dremora clan (also styled Clan Dremora) is a Daedric clan led by Imago Storm. It is in the service of Clan Dagon, led by Mehrunes Dagon. The clan is based in the Havoc Wellhead. It represents the principle of destruction as evolution, aspiring to arts and powers of ever-increasing potency and aesthetic refinement. The Dremora have not always been in the service of Dagon, and indeed individuals have come to serve many Daedric Princes.

Along with Shardai Clan and Xivilai's Clan, the Dremora clan aided Dagon in his invasion of the Battlespire during the Imperial Simulacrum. However, Dagon neglected to heed the counsel of Imago Storm, who advised against accepting the aid of the clanless Seducers. Storm viewed Dagon's tolerance of the antics of Faydra Shardai and Xivilai Moath, along with his acceptance of the Seducers, as an unfortunate divergence from his otherwise prudent policies. He saw the invasion as a failed move, and allied himself with an apprentice from the Battlespire in order to restore Clan Dagon to its normal stability following the unnecessary invasion of the Shade Perilous. He supplied the apprentice with the protection of the Dremora clan, along with the incantory neonymics of Faydra, Xivilai, and Dagon. The apprentice tricked Xivilai and successfully banished Faydra and Dagon to the Void, which allowed Storm to take control of Clan Dagon and relinquish its hold on several realms. This ultimately resulted in the destruction of the Battlespire.[1]


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