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Anvil Castle
Type Castle
Continent Tamriel
Province Cyrodiil
Region Gold Coast
Settlement Anvil
Appears in Oblivion, ESO, Blades
Anvil Castle circa 2E 582

Anvil Castle (also called Anvil Keep or Castle Anvil) is a large stone castle found across the bay facing the southern walls of the city of Anvil. When King Bendu Olo led the All Flags Navy against the Sload of Thras in 1E 2200,[1] he returned to the ctiy and began converting what was then known as Anvil Fortress into Anvil Castle.[UOL 1]

In 2E 582, Gorvernor Fortunata ap Dugal captured the city and took over the castle as her residence.[2]

During the battle in Anvil Bay between Commodore Fasil Umbranox and Torradan ap Dugal circa 3E 286, the town of Anvil was set alight.[3] Dugal tried to flee, but Umbranox's battlemages caused a rocky outcropping to collapse over his ship, the Black Flag. As a reward for destroying the pirates, Umbranox was given the title of Count of Anvil, as well as the funds to build a city over the ashes of Old Anvil. He built a new Castle Anvil on the same island the Black Flag was buried under.[4] Umbranox's descendants would rule for centuries afterwards; the throne was still held by an Umbranox circa 3E 433.[5] The crew of the buried Black Flag survived the collapse, but remained trapped underground in a cavern they named "Dunbarrow Cove", after Dugal's birthplace of Dunbarrow.[3] The cavern was still haunted by the undead skeletons of its crew when the cavern was uncovered circa 3E 433; their souls were duly put to rest, and the cavern converted into a thieves den.[6]

The Imperial fortress was later taken over by bandits in 4E 180, but cleared out by a hero known as the Warrior.[7]



  • It is difficult to reconcile the existence of Anvil Castle and the island upon which it sits during ESO's time period with the origin story presented with the Thieves Den DLC for Oblivion. This appears to be a retcon, given the existence of Anvil Castle Caves in ESO.

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