Lore:Brittleshin Hills

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Brittleshin Hills
Type Region
Continent Tamriel
Province Skyrim
Appears in Skyrim
Bleak Falls Barrow ca. 4E 201

The Brittleshin Hills are a small mountain range of Falkreath Hold north of Lake Ilinalta that make up the border with Whiterun Hold, in the province of Skyrim. The sharp and protruding snowy peaks are dominated by Bleak Falls Barrow, and overlook the origin of the White River, as well as the town of Riverwood just across the border in Whiterun Hold.[1] Brittleshin Pass allows movement through the mountains.

In 4E 201, two necromancers from Olvenveld established themselves within Brittleshin Pass, where they intended to open a portal to the Soul Cairn. They managed to acquire the Staff of Hasedoki via local smugglers. They planned to release Hasedoki's soul from the staff to earn the favor of the Ideal Masters, although they were both killed by the Last Dragonborn before this could occur.[2][3]



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