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Scribe Arkan
Race Unknown Gender Male
Resided in Daggerfall

Arkan, also known as Arkan the Wise[1], was a scribe from Daggerfall, active in the very-early Second Era. His most well-known work was transcribing the text depicting legends of Baan Dar, the Bandit God of the South. His work was published in 2E 24 and he came to believe in the god, as some sort of force that plays a part in the world.[2] The first scroll was part of a collection found by a nomad in the caves of Lake Vread, in Elsweyr, and Arkan transcribed them as well. What became of the second scroll is unknown, however, the third scroll was among the rarest books across Tamriel, portraying the tale of Baan Dar's theft of the Thirty-Seventh Sermon of Vivec before he could write it. A copy was kept in the Library of Dusk, found in Coldharbour.[3]


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