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Ald Marak
Type Settlement
Continent Tamriel
Province Morrowind
Map of Morrowind

Ald Marak (also called Ald Malak)[1] is a strategic fortress found on the shores of Lake Coronati, alongside its sister city, Ald Iuval. It is found in the province of Morrowind. Ald Marak is known to contain high sturdy walls, and deep waters from the Coronati, making it impossible on foot en masse.

The battle over Ald Marak was a pivotal point in the Four-Score War. In 1E 2920, Crown Prince Juilek Cyrodiil commanded the Imperial Legion after pushing the Dark Elves back into Morrowind. The Warrior-Poet, Vivec prepared for an impending attack at Lake Coronati, but because of faulty intelligence, Vivec's armies were positioned on another side of Lake Coronati, leaving Ald Marak open.[2] The Legion used Alteration magic to successfully infiltrate the area and takeover Ald Marak. Over in the Imperial City, the people celebrated their victory over the Dark Elves, all the while in Ald Marak, Juilek Cyrodiil and his partner, Savirien-Chorak held a meeting with Vivec. Juilek made an agreement with the Tribune, the Empire attained strategic border forts such as Ald Marak, in exchange for protection by the Imperial Navy and no hostilities from the Empire, as well as land in Black Marsh.[1]

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