Isle of Madness

Legends:Worm Cult Initiation

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Prove yourself to the Worm Cult
Episode: Memories
Opponent Name: Worm Cult
Opponent Class: Neutral Neutral
Other Characters: Worm Cult
Previous Quest: The Final Battle Pt. 2
Next Quest: The Final Battle Pt. 3

Memories: Worm Cult Initiation[edit]

Worm Cult Initiation deals with Talym infiltrating the Worm Cult and avenge his partner's death.


Pregame mission description: Space rips itself apart, light and darkness and both at once. Another time... another moment... from long ago...

Worm Cult: "You seek to join the Worm Cult, to worship our dread lord? Very well. Here is your first test, a trial of cunning."

After beating the Worm Cult's first trial:

Worm Cult: "Well done. But another trial yet awaits."

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