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Legends:Preserver of the Root

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Preserver of the Root
Creature (Argonian)
LG-card-Preserver of the Root.png
Availability Core Set
Magicka Cost 4
Attribute Endurance
Power 4 Health 4
Rarity Epic Epic
+2/+2 and Guard while you have 7 or more max magicka.

Preserver of the Root is an epic Endurance creature card. It is part of the Core Set.


In addition to the card's availability in the Core Set, one copy is included in the Alduin's Apocalypse theme deck, and one copy in the Black Marsh Smugglers deck.


When summoned:

"I will protect the Hist."
"Back off, dry-skin."

When attacking:

"Death take you!"
"By bark and root!"
"For the Hist!"


  • This card's ability applies the Root Guardian card effect. The effect is already active when played, but without the buff. When the buff triggers, the effect is applied for a second time.