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Playing Card
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Availability Created Cards
Magicka Cost 2-9
Attribute Neutral
Rarity Rare Rare

Playing Card is a rare Neutral action card. It can be created by Madness Beckons and plays a major role in the New Sheoth Palace match of the Isle of Madness campaign.

When created or drawn, it shows a Playing Card with a number that corresponds to its magicka cost with the appearance of an Elder Scrolls themed playing card suit. When played, it will create a random creature with a magicka cost equal to this number. Decreasing the Playing Card's cost (with cards like Therana or Thieves Guild Recruit) will not change the number or the cost of the creature that is created. The range of numbers that can be created are from 2 to 9. Even when not mentioned on the card, it is treated as an action and neutral card, which can be important for other cards like Lillandril Hexmage or Steam Constructor.