Legends:Mudcrab Merchant (character)

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Mudcrab Merchant
LG-npc-Mudcrab Merchant.png
Race Mudcrab Gender Male
Class Strength Strength
First Appearance Flooded Camp
Stories: *Isle of Madness
Play As ☑Yes Battle Against ☑Yes

Mudcrab Merchant is as the name suggests, a Mudcrab merchant. It is a side character in Isle of Madness that Talym Rend attacks during a fit of madness. The Mudcrab talking may have been a hallucination as a result of Talym's Madness, but the mudcrab itself was real, as confirmed by Lazrah gro-Shar, who observed Talym attack it.


Flooded Camp[edit]

"Why... why don't ya keep it down pal? Shome of ush are tryin' ta sleep."