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Creature cards are used to summon creatures to the board. In most decks, creatures serve as the primary means of defending and dealing damage. Each creature has a "power" and a "health" value, and many also have additional effects. Creatures can attack once each turn in the same lane they are summoned, except for the first turn they enter play. As long as a creature has a power value greater than zero, it can be used to attack enemy creatures and your opponent's health. When attacking, they deal damage equal to their power to the defending creature or opponent's health, but also receive damage equal to the defending creature's power. Creatures go to the discard pile when their health is reduced to zero.

Creature Subtypes[edit]

Each creature has an associated subtype, which can be relevant for certain buffs and effects.

Races – There are ten different races which can be rewarded during leveling based on your avatar. They usually correspond to two different Attributes.
ArgonianBretonDark ElfHigh ElfImperialKhajiitNordOrcRedguardWood Elf
Animal – Animal is a hidden type associated with beasts and other mundane creatures.
Undead – Undead is a hidden type associated with reanimated corpses and ghosts.
Other Types - The following types do not have any hidden types and are not associated with any of the ten main races.
Ash CreatureAtronachAutomatonAyleidCentaurChaurusDaedraDefenseDragonDreughDwemerElytraFalmerFabricantFactotumGargoyleGiantGoblinGodGrummiteHarpyImpInsectKwamaLurcherMantikoraMinotaurNereidOgrePastryPortalReachmanSprigganTrollWamasuWerewolfWraith
Story Types - The following types can only be encountered during Story mode.
Animated ItemEggTrap
Retired Types - Types removed from the game.
Imperfect • Lycanthrope


  • "Animal" and "Undead" were originally regular creature subtypes that would display on cards. These cards were divided into their more descriptive creature types in Patch 1.59.2, but they retained Animal and Undead as "hidden types". You can still search for cards of these types in the deckbuilder interface, and certain cards like Dawnbreaker or Shadowgreen Elder can interact with them.
  • The Gray Fox card has no creature subtype.
  • The Reflective Automaton card possesses all creature subtypes.