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Vijay Lakshman
GEN-developer-Vijay Lakshman.jpg
Role(s) Producer, Designer, Writer
Years active 1989–present[1]
"Winning my war was never about who was right. It's about who was left"
General Valarius Galadine, Mythborn

Vijay Lakshman was a Game Designer and Producer at Bethesda Softworks in the early 1990s. His tenure at the company lasted from 1989 to 1994.[1] He along with, Julian Lefay, and Ted Peterson originated The Elder Scrolls franchise with the game Arena.[1][2] According to Vijay, his original design notes and stories about the world of Tamriel made during Arena's development filled up to "five novels worth" of world-building.[2]

Vijay decided to leave Bethesda during the development of Daggerfall in late 1994 to accept a position at Magnet Studios, passing the torch of Lead Designer to Ted Peterson for future games.[2][3] Vijay has since gone on to work other enterprise unrelated to video games. He has written his own fantasy series called Mythborn. For a time was attached to OnceLost Games, creating a new roleplaying videogame called The Wayward Realms. Currently, Vijay is the Chief Innovation Officer at MNNT.[1]


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