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(lore page)
Location Dawnstar
Gender Female

Eustacia is a healer and oracle found in Northeastern Dawnstar. She plays a key role in revealing the traitor.

For more information, see the main lore article.

Visit Eustacia, a healer with oracular powers... she claims to have information which can aid you on your quest.
—Dawnstar Opening Text


Eustacia in Dawnstar

When you meet her for the first time, she will always greet you with:

"I can heal your body for free, this the Governor has ordered. This puzzle of the traitor ... I might be able to help you there. My mother was an oracle, and I have some of her sight.

"Take care when talking to the champions; three are honorable but the traitor will lie for best advantage.

"I must also warn you that outside these walls is a fearsome creature that has slaughtered any who fight it. It appears when you rest. Do not fight it, you are not ready. Run."


Eustacia will provide you with useful clues that are vital to uncovering which Champion is the traitor. Her powers limit her from divining the traitor's identity outright. However, they will provide a guaranteed truth about what the traitor was doing during the attack on Dawnstar before the Champions were exiled. This can be used in comparison with the Champions' clues in order to ferret out the traitor.

Eustacia will deliver the rumor with randomly-selected flavor text:

"Eustacia's eyes go milky white as she says,'[Rumor]'"
"Hair bristles on the back of your neck as Eustacia says,'[Rumor]'"
"Eustacia does not speak yet still you hear,'[Rumor]'"
"Shadows cloak her face as Eustacia says,'[Rumor]'"
"Eustacia croaks in an inhuman voice,'[Rumor]'"
"Rats scurry away and you feel a sharp pains [sic] as Eustacia says,'[Rumor]'"

You can receive a total of 6 Rumors from Eustacia to be added to your Clue Log. The topics are the same as when you ask a Champion a question, except you will not be able to choose which one she gives you. Each topic has two possible responses, depending on the truth surrounding the traitor:

"The traitor defended the north wall during the attack."
"The traitor did not defend the north wall during the attack."
"The traitor defended the east wall during the attack."
"The traitor did not defend the east wall during the attack."
"The traitor had a loud argument with the governor during the attack."
"The traitor never spoke to the governor during the attack."
"The traitor tried to negotiate a peace with the ice tribes long before the battle."
"The traitor had no open dealings with the ice tribes."
"The traitor surreptitously [sic] sought aid from the Emperor."
"The traitor would as soon spit on the emperor as ask him for help."
"The traitor weakened the gates under the guise of inspection."
"The traitor had nothing to do with the problem at the gates."

Eustacia will always offer one Rumor at the start of the game. She will offer more as you rank up your Speechraft skill.[verification needed — exact conditions] Her response before she can give you another Rumor or once she has given all Rumors:

"I have no new rumors."


Eustacia can cure all of your Status Ailments, free of charge. Her response:

"Your ailments are gone. I expect to see you again, but good health until then."


Eustacia can instantly transport you to any Champion you have spoken to thus far or back to "Your last location". Although you cannot cancel a Warp, she will confirm your decision by asking:

"Ready to warp back to your last location?"

"Your last location" is considered to be the last place you activated a Warp Rune or stepped on an in-world Warp Rune. If you attempt to warp there when no such place yet exists, she will say:

"You haven't use a warp rune yet, so there's no where [sic] to return you."


Eustacia can heal your Health and Magicka, free of charge. Her response:

"You should feel better now. But with adventurers like you that is always a temporary condition."

Player Death[edit]

If you die at any point, you will wake up back in Dawnstar Camp in front of Eustacia with all of your unequipped items gone. When interacting with her again, she will tell you:

"A scout found you, but not before someone picked over your corpse. At least you are healthy now."