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Dawnstar contains very few people. However, each one serves a vital purpose.


Icon Legend

Trainer - Trainer
Peddler - Peddler

Boots - Boots
Gloves - Gloves
Helms - Helms
Magic Items - Magic Items
Shields - Shields

Alteration - Alteration
Axe - Axe
Blunt Weapon - Blunt Weapon
Conjuration - Conjuration
Destruction - Destruction
Heavy Armor - Heavy Armor
Illusion - Illusion
Light Armor - Light Armor
Long Blade - Long Blade
Restoration - Restoration
Short Blade - Short Blade
Speechcraft - Speechcraft

Cure - Cure
Recovery - Recovery
Warp - Warp

Alhavara WarpTrainerLight ArmorLong BladeRestoration
Beatrice WarpTrainerAlterationConjurationDestruction
Chung WarpTrainerAxeBlunt WeaponHeavy Armor
Delacroix WarpTrainerIllusionShort BladeSpeechcraft
Heavy Armor Peddler PeddlerHeavy ArmorBootsShields
Light Armor Peddler PeddlerLight ArmorGlovesHelms
Weapon Peddler PeddlerAxesBlunt WeaponsLongswordsShortswords
Jakar PeddlerMagic Items
Eustacia WarpCureRecovery