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This is the Bugs section of the Unofficial FAQ, version 0.992. The text version of the FAQ was released on 24 August 1996, but the web version was last updated on 13 November 2006.

This is an archive of a historical document and should not be edited other than formatting, links, or minor typos.

This section, Daggerfall's Bugs, currently outlines the known bugs existing in the demo. Eventually, when Daggerfall is released, it will give bugs found in the game and patch information. It may also give possible solutions to correctable errors.

Warning: This Area Is Under Construction.

The FAQ Authors believe an updated DEMO would be very worthwhile, especially since it is a major part of the advertising for the game. However, Bethesda is rightly focussing most of its attentions on the game. A new demo is only feasible, preferable & likely after the release of Daggerfall.

Please provide one of the FAQ Co-Authors will any Demo Bug Details that dont appear below, along with enough information for us to attempt to recreate the bug. The first 5 bugs are well known to Bethesda, the company has promised to have them fixed for the full game. The others may require some lobbying to Bethesda! Our understanding is that they are using the release of the Demo to attempt to eradicate a whole range of bugs from the game, if not the demo.

The bugs listed below may not necessiarily occur in the second version of the Demo (for more information check out the Tell Me About the Demo section).

  1. If you pick some chain boots from Monster inventory the game will crash
  2. Using the keyboard for movement is slower than the mouse
  3. There is no monster AI (eg. dodging your attacks)
  4. Monsters get stuck in the walls
  5. It is occasionally possible to vanish into the void (the area outside the demo)
  6. Character occasionally steers constantly to the left after having moved backwards
  7. When a monster dies close to a wall, you cant get at its treasure
  8. If you rest while your weapon is equipped, you often cant reequip it
  9. Helmet Icons often have a black border
  10. Casting a spell while kneeling on a downward slope appear to make the spell effects come from above your head
  11. It is possible to see the black background behind where two walls meet when you look at it from a certain angle
  12. Sometimes, while running full screen, part of your sword disappears, apparently that part that would be covered by the status bar.
  13. Equipping the blue & gold bra (!) causes the game to crash. This information was provided for all you cross dressers...:)
  14. 'Pops' interrupting the music for many sound cards.

Note: the Demo runs slow on anything less than Pentium; this, unfortunately, is not a bug.

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