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This is the Power Up section of the Unofficial FAQ, version 0.992. The text version of the FAQ was released on 24 August 1996, but the web version was last updated on 13 November 2006. More current information on Daggerfall cheats can be found at Cheats.

This is an archive of a historical document and should not be edited other than formatting, links, or minor typos.

This section, Power Ups, gives hints, cheats, walkthroughs, etc... to help you in the game. Currently this only applies to the demo.

Warning: This Area Is Under Construction.

Press ALT-Q while playing the Demo to bring up the cheat menu. If you choose to be a:

  1. Vampire; you get +20 on all statistics (up to a maximum of 100 on any individual statistic). Your extra normal spells are Acidic field, Telekinesis, Calm mortal, Charm Mortal. You can also cast Levitate without expending any spell points
  2. Werething; +40 on strength, agility, endurance, speed, (up to a *maximum of 100 on any individual statistic). You can cast lycanthropy without expending any spell points You do however lose some health.
  3. Go up a level (Non-functional in demo)
  4. Get extra training in specific areas (Non-functional in demo)
  5. Toggle dungeon? (Non-functional in demo)
  6. Toggle compass? (Non-functional in demo)
  7. Find treasure

The Alt-Q key combination is very likely to be disabled in the full version of Daggerfall.

For more information on cheating in the full version of Daggerfall check The Unofficial Elder Scrolls pages.

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