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This is the original text version of the Unofficial Daggerfall FAQ, version 0.992. It is maintained here for historical interest, since this FAQ led to the creation of UESP. A wiki-formatted version of the FAQ is available at Old Unofficial FAQ. Furthermore, the true original of the document is also available.

This is an archive of a historical document and should not be edited other than this introduction.

THE UNOFFICIAL DAGGERFALL FAQ, version 0.992, 24 August 1996


Dave Humphrey           aj589@freenet.carleton.ca 
Andrew Frankling        100405.2336@compuserve.com
Michael Bodenhoff       mboden@dk-online.dk

(Lines that have been significantly changed since the last version
are prefixed by a '*'.)

1)  Detailed the Hard Disk Installation Options
2)  Updated minimum hard drive space requirements
3)  Updated DAGGERFALL Win95 compatibilities.
4)  Updated information about DAGGERFALL Gold Enhanced Edition
5)  Shortened, rearranged & updated DAGGERFALL Information Sources
6)  Info on where to get the second DAGGERFALL demo from.
7)  Revamped info about DAGGERFALL ordering & the Limited Edition
8)  Significantly revamped the structure of DAGGERFALL Previews, and
included some new information
9)  Included information about how spoilers are handled in the

========== INDEX ===================================================
(1) General Information - Answer to some basic questions
(2) Description of DAGGERFALL - What features DAGGERFALL will include
(3) DAGGERFALL Previews - Info about the Poster and Screenshots
(4) Encounters - Info on what you are up against
(5) Artifacts - Serious Hardware
(6) Power Up - Tips to help you get the most from DAGGERFALL
(7)  Bug Alert! - No it isn't only your computer
(8) Information about BETHESDA Softworks - Some info on an awesome
(9) DAGGERFALL Information Sources - Where to find DAGGERFALL 
information, where all this came from
(10) Wrap Up - That's all for now


(1) GENERAL INFORMATION =============================================

What is DAGGERFALL anyway?
sequel to the award winning role playing game TES:ARENA released
in 1993.  DAGGERFALL will be a 'free-form' 1st person perspective
(you know, like DOOM) role playing game.  A 'free-form' game
is a game in which the player has a large, sometimes infinite, choice
of what to do, unlike some games where the player has to do 
everything in at given time and sequence.  See (2) for a detailed
description of what features DAGGERFALL will include.

When will DAGGERFALL be released?
The current release date is 30 August 1996.

*If you ordered the DAGGERFALL Limited Edition you
are "guaranteed" to get it earlier than the release date.

DAGGERFALL's  release date was initially going to be February 1995.

Tell me about the Demo.
The DAGGERFALL Demo is out.

The Demo is currently 10.3 MB zipped (46 MB unzipped), which 
includes a swap file on your hard drive similar to the one in 
Windows 3.1x.

It is available from:

It has also been available on different Game Magazines.

Download dagdemo1.zip (5.38MB), dagdemo2.zip (4.71MB) & 
dagread.me file (2KB)

Both zip files must be unzipped with the -d option.  The Demo will
run with the Matrox Millenium video card only with 1.9 BIOS, which
is available from http://www.matrox.com.

Windows 95 users must boot to DOS 6.22 or 7.00 before playing the

It includes Demo versions of the character generator, the item 
maker, the potion maker, the spell maker, a tour of sites of interest,
and a playable dungeon.  Your character is a pregenerated male 
16th level spellsword.  There is no save in the Demo.  The Demo's 
3D rotatable automapping function combines the areas covered by 
your various dungeon attempts; until you log out of the Demo proper.
The Demo also contains water, no magic items and some "eye candy".
Due to space restrictions, there is no monster AI in the Demo.

The dungeon is off the Pit of Jagadha.  It consists of 4 8x8x8 3D
blocks. Each block loosely has 8 "levels": there are many partial
levels, intersecting ramps between the levels, stairs, balconies,
overhangs and rooms with different height ceilings.

There is a second version of the Demo.  It was released only in the
European Version of the April 1994 PC-GAMER and a CDROM of all
Bethesda Software's products, the latter now being out of
production.  It has a woman character, no water, magic items, books
and less "eye candy" in the dungeons and some new monsters, such as
the giant bat, and an encounter with the UnderKing.  It also allows
for faster keyboard based movement & levitating up/down know no
longer requires the PgUp/PgDn keys, but Insert/Delete.  Though it 
has its downsides such as buggy graphics and "sticky walls", 
DAGGERFALL Beta Tester's apparently swear that this is the better
*version and is definitely more fun to play.  It is available at:


So how do I order DAGGERFALL & What is In the Limited Edition?

*Ordering the regular edition of DAGGERFALL through Bethesda
*Softworks is $US79.95 (shipping and handling extra), less $US0.50
*for each "credit" that you have gained from using the Bethesda WWW
*page.  You can order in the following ways




Customer Service-DAGGERFALL Pre-Order
Bethesda Softworks
1370 Piccard Drive
Rockville, MD 20850


1-800-677-0700 (toll free in America)

Bethesda accepts all major credit cards, money orders, certified
checks, cashier's check and personal checks.  All certified
checks, money orders, cashier's checks and personal checks 
must be in US dollars.  Your credit card will not be charged 
until the game ships.  Personal checks will be cashed about one
month before the game ships to ensure that they clear.

*You can no longer order the DAGGERFALL Limited Edition.  However for
*those collector types who are prepared to buy it off someone else,
*here is how it differs from the regular edition:

        - serialised limited edition of 10,000 copies
        - a Limited Edition DAGGERFALL T-Shirt (100% cotton)
          featuring the Box Cover design on a black background
        - a "World of Tamriel" mousepad
        - a Limited Edition DAGGERFALL poster

What are the system requirements/recommendations for DAGGERFALL?
Currently, the minimum system requirements for DAGGERFALL stand at:
        - 486DX2/50 MHz IBM PC or compatible running DOS 5.0+
        - 8MB RAM
        - 512-540KB Base Memory (Not Yet Finalised)
        - 2x CD-ROM Drive
*      - 30MB of Hard Drive Space
        - VLB or PCI VGA graphics card
        - Supports: Aria, Ensoniq, Roland, SoundBlaster, UltraSound.
          Bethesda uses the HMI sound drivers
        - Joystick or Microsoft compatible mouse. 

People with faster machines than these minimum requirements will
be able to take advantage of extra features.

Recommended requirements are:
       - Pentium IBM PC or compatible running DOS 5.0+
       - 16MB of Installed RAM
       - Quad speed CD-ROM drive
       - VLB or PCI graphics card with 4MB of VRAM
*     - 4 Different Hard Drive Space Options: 30MB, 90MB, 300MB &
*       500MB.  Larger installs will speed up the game.

The DAGGERFALL game will be able to be run under Windows 95 but will 
*not be a native Windows 95 Game.  It is rumoured that the setup 
*program for DF will have an option to add a PIF file to the Win95 
*desktop fully configured for Daggerfall play under Win95

Debate is currently raging among DAGGERFALL Demo Gamers whether or
not the demo runs slowly.  Here are some tips to help you optimise
its performance:

1)  While you can run the Demo on 8MB RAM, 16 MB is strongly
2)  Your character will move faster is you use the mouse for
movement, rather than the keyboard.  Remember the further the cursor
is away from the centre of the screen, the faster you will move.  
Using the shift key & the mouse together is even faster
3)  In your CONFIG.SYS file, set FILES=99 & BUFFERS=55.
4)  In your AUTOEXEC.BAT file, create a 1MB SmartDrive utilising
the /X switch if you have 8-15MB RAM, a 2MB SmartDrive if you
have 16-31MB RAM, a 4MB SmartDrive if you have 32MB+ RAM.  These
SmartDrive figures are general guides only: they are not fixed.
5)  Switch off expanded memory

What's this I hear about the sequels/addons to DAGGERFALL?
The ability to import your ARENA character into DAGGERFALL will be 
available as a stand-alone utility, which it is planned will be 
available by the time DAGGERFALL comes out.  Exactly what features
of your character you will be able to keep hasn't been decided.

No DAGGERFALL add-on mission disks are planned.

Bethesda does have plans to do a Gold Enhanced Edition of
*DAGGERFALL.  However, it is unlikely that there will be any 
*significant changes to the game, due to the work being done on TES.

Development of TES3 is already well advanced under the stewardship
of Bruce Nesmith as Chief Designer and Julian Le Fay as Chief
Programmer.  It is set in the province of Summurset Isle, and will
run under a later release of X(n)gine, which incorporates SVGA.  It
will probably not be a native Windows 95 application.  The (first) 
release date is slated for August 1997.

There are rumours to use DAGGERFALL as the core of an online game.
Bethesda is unwilling to comment further at this point but it would
be quite unlikely that an online game got off the ground in the near
to medium future.


(2) DESCRIPTION OF DAGGERFALL ======================================

Like TES: ARENA, DAGGERFALL is set on the continent of Tamriel,
being one of 5 major ones on the TES planet.  Unlike ARENA however,
DAGGERFALL is confined to the area of Tamriel surrounding the Iliac
Bay, namely the provinces of Hammerfall & High Rock.

DAGGERFALL includes many additions and improvements to the ARENA
gameworld such as:

      - Bethesda's new full, 3-D X(n)gine(Tm) (also used in 
        Bethesda's Terminator Future Shock and Tenth Planet, the 
        latter to be released in 1997), which promises to redefine the
        role-playing genre.  The new engine allows quicker actions, 
        unrestricted viewing angles and complete freedom of movement.
        Having taken 3 years to make, this powerful proprietary 
        technology allows full 360 degree rotation with fully 
        textured polygons, multiple shaded light sources, VGA 
        graphics and specialised video effects.  The X(n)gine can
        create weather such as snow, sleet, and fog, as well as 
        realistic shading and a fully contoured fractal terrain.  
        Weather effects will vary somewhat depending on the time of
      - the X(n)gine will not support 3D Accelerated GFX boards in 
        the initial DAGGERFALL release; but it is certainly planned
      - the video refresh rate will vary depending upon what is on 
        the screen at any given time.  The 3D X(n)gine should average
        between 16-20 frames per second and should probably never
        have to do more than 40.  It has no ceiling.
      - a fully topographical landscape with elevations marked every 
        6 metres, an area approximately twice the size of Britain
      - thousands of towns, fortresses and villages to explore
    - there is about 300MB of terrain and 92MB of sky graphics
         packed onto the DAGGERFALL CD!
      - texture maps considerably more complex and detailed than 
        ARENA's, allowing for larger, even multi-story buildings.
    - all the countryside terrain and fixtures on top of it 
      (e.g. buildings) are randomly generated once by Bethesda
      before copying to CDs.  Thus everyone will be playing the
      same game world (unlike your individual random generation
       in ARENA).
      - much improved plot over ARENA; your character is asked to 
        undertake a special mission for the Emperor and obtain 
        artifacts before rival groups of the court of the town of 
        DAGGERFALL can get them & use them to instigate an uprising.
        In investigating the court of DAGGERFALL, stories of madness, 
        unrequited love, dark sorcery, seduction, betrayal, and a plot 
        to recreate a powerful force from thousands of years past 
        will be revealed.
      - the plot is a lot more "active" than ARENAs, involving many 
        non player character types.
      - keeping with TES "open ended" philosophy, it is even 
        technically possible to win by working against the Emperor
      - conversation remains handled via a menu driven branching 
        strategy, with the new feature of being able to select 
        your conversational goal.
      - greatly improved player interaction with NPCs, both in 
        dialogue and action.  For example, depending on the 
        circumstances, the completion of say a mini-quest by a 
        character will be remembered later on either 
        positively or negatively by a particular NPC social 
        group, a NPC, a NPC's family, the NPC's allies or enemies,
        or all of the above. DAGGERFALL keeps track of your
        characters reputation with each NPC.  This applies even 
        to characters that are imported into later games in the TES 
        series.  Player language skills, though based on the common 
        tongue, will reflect specific groups & social affiliations 
        and will also affect interaction with NPCs.  Character 
        clothing, weapons & armour, which can be changed in shops, 
        also affects NPC interactions
      - adventure in intricately designed caves, castles, homes, 
        highlands, lowlands, rivers, cliffs, sand dunes, swamps, 
        underwater and different dimensions: a whole range of 
      - many objects in the world have mass and can be moved or 
        picked up by the character.  These objects follow the normal 
        laws of physics eg. inertia.  Some objects, such as houses 
        and pebbles, can't be moved.
     - buy & use houses, ships and other crafts.  Property 
        can be furnished with furniture & treasure.  Option 
        available which will protect your property against burglary.
      - travel from town to town by foot, horseback, horse and wagon
        or ship.  Beware! you can be attacked while using
      any of these transport methods except ships.
      - use banks to safely deposit gold, get letters of credit & 
        take out 1 or 3 year loans to finance large purchases
      - join guilds, temples & knightly orders to help enhance 
        your character's reputation with various social groups; 
        trade goods and services, even smuggle.
    - experience DAGGERFALL's Legal System, complete with courts &
      jails.  Avoid being caught possessing illegal substances!
    - shop at furniture stores, armouries/weapon stores, tailors, 
      book stores, alchemists & pawn shops
      - new spells include identify, polymorph, shadow, slowfall, 
        telekinesis, teleportation, waterbreathing and water walking:
        there are some 78 standard types
      - create more unusual and powerful spells with the spellmaker
      - customizable spell duration icon which flashes towards the 
        end of the spell period
      - new improved special effects eg. polymorphing
      - surface dependent walking sounds
      - 3-D graphical movement is handled much more efficiently 
        than in ARENA
      - random monster encounter will be largely done away with.  It 
        will only occur where it has a direct relationship to the 
        plot, or in a "cleared out" dungeon in a period of time
      - Each created character, must take 3 primary 
        skills, 3 major skills, and 6 minor skills.  When characters 
        begin the game, they are naturally better at the primary and
        major skills, and worse at the minor and miscellaneous skills
        (the latter being the skills not chosen, but in which
        advancement can still be made with great difficulty). It is 
        easiest to advance in primary and major skills, because of 
        the formula used to check the chance of increasing a point
        every night, and due to you're character being most likely to
        use the primary and major skills and thus advance in them.
        Advancement of your character's primary and major skills will
        cause them to advance in their class as well.
      - customizable character classes.  Characters will be able to 
        take on up to 7 special advantages/disadvantages, which 
        will increase/decrease the amount of experience needed
        to make the next level.
      - Bethesda has attempted to reduce the potential power of high 
        level characters in DAGGERFALL by including negative effects 
        for some of the items produced by the ItemMaker and by 
        ensuring that, for instance, "high level characters face up 
        against up high level monsters".  There will be no 
       "levelling up" like that occurring in ARENA, an orc
        will remain a weak monster, regardless of your level
        increasing the relative "toughness" of some of the monsters
      - the imbalance in ARENA towards spellcasting character
       classes has been partly addressed by allowing all non-spell
       casting classes in DAGGERFALL spell points equal to half
        their intelligence.
      - advanced, multi-channel, digitized sound effects and music
      - although speech will be a part of the game, there was not 
        enough room to implement full speech
      - enjoy a large variety of song/ballad lyrics written 
        especially for DAGGERFALL
      - a large variety of quests and adventures offered by 
        individuals and guilds
      - a standard character generator similar to ARENA will also be 
        available, allowing you to choose one of the 18 character 
        types from that game
      - create potions and magical items as an extension of ARENA'S 
        SpellMaker.  Like in character creation, items can be made 
        more powerful if a side effect is included
      - Magical items appear with a green background in your 
      - have eavesdropping ability
      - you can choose an option so that the terrain will have an 
        affect on your constitution
      - read virtual books graphically covering aspects of Tamriel
      - Like ARENA, the layout of major dungeons are fixed.  The 
        random dungeons will be more variable than those in ARENA,
        which only had 4
      - Unlike ARENA, there will be no dungeon riddles
      - a new CHILDGUARD feature which allows parents to set the 
        amount of violence and sex displayed with password protection
      - will be a CD-ROM only game
      - the following Virtual Reality Helmets will be supported: 
        Virtual I/o, CyberMaxx, Forte VFX1
      - the interface will be completely mappable by the player
      - a {{sic|calender|calendar}} system conceptually similar to ARENA's is used, 
        however DAGGERFALL will have local and regional holidays as
      - the automap is colour coded for urban areas to identify
        different buildings eg mages guilds

"What is wonderful about ARENA and DAGGERFALL is that you can be
and do whatever you want with virtually no limitations," said
Bethesda President Chris Weaver. "Aside from all the
sophisticated technology operating in the background we think
that freedom is one of the most important features of TES series. 
The vast detail of the computer world we have
created and the freedom to explore and live an unhindered life
has hit home with numbers groups of "non-standard" role players.
A case in point is the thousands of ARENA users over age 55. We
are very gratified by such cross-over demographics."

"We've taken the best elements from the highest quality game
engines out there, and improved upon them", said President Chris
Weaver. "X(n)gine has the immediacy of DOOM and DARK FORCES and
the greater flexibility of DESCENT all in one engine."

"X(n)gine is the most sophisticated 3-D engine currently
available." Weaver said. "The speed, clarity and dynamics are
better than all the others within the 3-D genre. It's as
realistic as you can get within the current limitations of the
PC. We believe it is also the fastest at moving real world polygons."

"Daggerfall is the largest, most detailed CRPG ever created for a 
computer.  There are something on the order of fifty thousand 
people, six thousand towns, tens of thousands of buildings, caves,
dungeons, etc., etc.....Every single editor who has visited our lab 
has told us that Daggerfall will redefine the entire genre."


(3) DAGGERFALL PREVIEWS =============================================

*  All sizes are for the unzipped file.  The following list only
*details those files that are available from a large number of sites
*listed under DAGGERFALL Information Sources.  Even more files are
*available from http://www.ecn.uoknor.edu/~esglenn/dagger.html.


These are Autodesk Animations (flics) of some of DAGGERFALL's
monsters.  You will need an appropriate viewer to see these, such as
contained in the file AAPLHI.ZIP

deathani (3086KB)
gargoyle (52KB)
intrbook (5800KB)
lysawake (6300KB)
rat (35KB)
spider (48KB)


*Note: A sound card capable of wavetable synthesis is needed to play

dag_l (10KB)
dag_2 (16KB)
dag_3 (10KB)
dag_4 (5KB)
dag_5 (9KB)
dag_6 (7KB)
dag_7 (23KB)
dag_8 (6KB)
dag_9 (6KB)
dag_10 (13KB)
dag_11 (5KB)
dag_12 (14KB)


*Unless otherwise stated, all screenshots are 320X200 gifs.

2moons (5KB)
army (640x400 149KB)
attack (27KB)
*azura (37KB)
backup (39KB)
battle1 (38KB)
battle2 (38KB)
battle3 (41KB)
battle4 (38KB)
battle5 (39KB)
battle6 (35KB)
battle7 (35KB)
*boethia (36KB)
bow (41KB)
bridge (29KB)
bsmith (29KB)
cameron (640x400 121KB)
castld (22KB)
castle (31KB)
charfem (29KB)
charmale (29KB)
chars (20KB - formerly called newflats)
*clavicus (35KB)
coven (23KB)
crypt (39KB)
dagboxc (256 colour 550x757 194KB)
dagboxc.tif (true colour 625x860 1.6MB)
dagger2 (29KB)
dagger3 (34KB)
dag_pi00 (31KB)
dag_pi01 (10KB)
dag_pi02 (20KB)
dag_pi03 (27KB)
dag_pi04 (37KB)
dag_pi05 (32KB)
dag_pi06 (27KB)
dag_pi07 (30KB)
dag_pi08 (34KB)
dag_pi09 (36KB)
dag_pi10 (32KB)
dag_pi11 (32KB)
dag_pi12 (41KB)
dag_pi13 (35KB)
dag_pi14 (36KB)
dag_pi15 (37KB)
dag_pi16 (37KB)
dag_pi17 (37KB)
dag_pi18 (35KB)
dag_pi19 (33KB)
dag_pi20 (36KB)
deadmon (29KB)
desert (16KB)
desert1 (30KB)
desert2 (28KB)
desert3 (23KB)
desert4 (24KB)
desert5 (23KB)
direnni (26KB)
distmt (27KB)
dngroom (36KB)
dung01 (32KB)
dung02 (32KB)
dung03 (32KB)
dung04 (34KB)
dung05 (31KB)
dungeon (28KB)
dungeon1 (42KB)
faces_00 (25KB)
faces_01 (24KB)
faces_02 (24KB)
faces_03 (21KB)
faces_1 (22KB)
faces_2 (29KB)
forest (25KB)
forest2 (18KB)
gargoyle (35KB)
greensly (23KB)
group (18KB)
hallway (30KB)
*hircine (36KB)
jagadha0 (34KB)
jagadha1 (31KB)
jagadha2 (32KB)
jagadha3 (30KB)
jagadha4 (34KB)
jagadha5 (34KB)
jagadha6 (34KB)
jagadha7 (33KB)
jagadha8 (35KB)
jagadha9 (29KB)
landing1 (27KB)
landing2 (26KB)
lycanth (36KB)
lytomb (25KB)
mages1 (27KB)
mages2 (26KB)
mages3 (25KB)
manorun (33KB)
*mehrunes (37KB)
*molagbal (37KB)
moonlit (16KB)
moontree (11KB)
newface1 (31KB)
newface2 (24KB)
newmon (21KB)
newtow1 (37KB - Old Screenshot)
newtow2 (31KB - Old Screenshot)
newtow03 (42KB)
orchall (29KB)
orcpal2 (28KB)
orcpalc (29KB)
outsde01 (35KB - Old Screenshot)
outsde02 (35KB)
outsde03 (39KB)
outsde04 (36KB)
outsde05 (36KB)
outsde06 (32KB)
outsde07 (29KB)
outsde08 (31KB)
outsde09 (33KB)
outsde10 (37KB)
outsde11 (27KB)
outsde12 (30KB)
outsde13 (25KB)
outsde14 (24KB)
outsde15 (38KB)
outsde16 (37KB)
outside (18KB)
palace (28KB)
*peryite (37KB)
pines (24KB)
royalc (23KB)
ruins (22KB)
*sanguine (38KB)
sbarrow2 (25KB)
sbarrow3 (22KB)
sbrarrow (34KB)
sca0013 (32KB)
scene1 (22KB)
scr0003 (24KB)
scr0010 (31KB)
scr0013 (25KB)
scrshot1 (39KB)
scrshot2 (45KB)
scrshot3 (40KB)
scrshot4 (26KB)
scrshot5 (42KB)
scrshot6 (40KB)
scrshot7 (45KB)
scrshot8 (39KB)
scrshot9 (34KB)
scrshota (36KB)
scrshotb (33KB)
seacave1 (24KB)
sentinl1 (24KB)
sentinl2 (24KB)
sentpal (28KB)
shedugnt (35KB)
shrine (17KB)
shrine2 (21KB)
sky1 (31KB)
sky2 (31KB)
sky3 (36KB)
sky4 (35KB)
sky5 (30KB)
sky6 (35KB)
sky7 (26KB)
spell (40KB)
starynit (9KB)
sunrise (16KB)
sunrise (25KB - 2 Different Screenshots Have Same Name)
sunrise2 (30KB)
sunrised (35KB)
sunset (19KB)
sunset1 (27KB)
sunset2 (25KB)
sunset3 (27KB)
swamp (25KB)
tam_map (66KB)
temple (31KB)
temple1 (28KB)
town01 (40KB)
town02 (31KB)
town03 (34KB)
town04 (34KB)
town05 (39KB)
town06 (32KB)
vampire (33KB)
vampire (35KB - 2 Different Screenshots Have Same Name)
water (28KB)
waypalc (33KB)
woodb (27KB)
woodb2 (26KB)


(4) ENCOUNTERS=====================================

ASSUMPTION: "Monster Types", "NPCs" & "Random Events" is a 
summation of the results of the FAQ Authors dissecting the Demo
Files, verifying as much as practicable with Bethesda, & making some
educated guesses.  Exact details are likely to change at short notice.


There are 42 main monster types, which are listed below, with
 approximately 100 monster subtypes, varying by colour and
characteristic.  An ! means that you can learn the language of the 
particular monster, which could allow you to negotiate.
Alternatively, casting the Tongues spell would temporarily have the
same effect  A # indicates those able to be encountered in the first
 demo.  A $ indicated those encountered in the second demo
The information in the brackets, where it occurs, covers:
FIRST BRACKETS:  known special attacks/defenses
SECOND BRACKETS: best known ways to fight the monster
THIRD BRACKETS: gives alternative names

ANCIENT LICH#$; (magic, normal weapon immunity)
(Get in a straight line of fire & as close as possible without 
meleeing.  Cast Shield, Spell Absorption & as many Fireballs as
required) (UnderKing - this alternative name may only occur in the
second demo)
FIRE DAEDRA!#$; (fire resistance, magic) 
(Spell reflection.  Cast Cold spells).
FROST DAEDRA!#$; (cold resistance, magic)
(Spell reflection.  Cast fire spells)
GHOST#$; (silence, paralyzation)
IMP!; (NA) (flight, magic)
LESSER DAEDRA!#$;  (normal weapon immunity) (offensive spells)
LICH#$; (magic, normal weapon immunity)
(Get in a straight line of fire & as close as possible without 
meleeing.  Cast Shield, Spell Absorption & as many Fireballs as
ORC SHAMAN#$; (magic) (conventional weapons more effective
than Spell Reflection & Offensive Spells at higher character levels)
RAT$; (disease)
SKELETON WARRIOR#$; (NA) (NA) (Skeletal Warrior/skeleton)
SPRIGGAN!; (NA) (regeneration)
VAMPIRE; (high normal weapon resistance, magic, vampirism)
VAMPIRE ANCIENT;(high normal weapon resistance?, magic?, vampirism?)
WEREBOAR; (normal weapon immunity, lyncanthropy) (NA) (lycanthrope)
WEREWOLF; (normal weapon immunity, lyncanthropy) (NA) (lycanthrope)
WRAITH#$; (magic, normal weapon immunity) 
(Spell reflection, cast offensive spells)

In addition, there are a number of other species in DAGGERFALL that
do exist but which don't fit into the above list of 42 monsters: 

DAEDRA PRINCE; {In DAGGERFALL but you can't fight them}
DRAGON!; (NA)(NA) (Wyrm)

A further grouping are part of Tamriel folklore:


There are also 12 major bad NPC types that you will have to deal 
with, of which the UnderKing, monks, nightblades, faerie! (fey)
are examples.


There are some 295 "NPC types" in DAGGERFALL, whether they be 
nobility, laymen, humanoids, professions, nations or one of the 20 
distinct factions of some of these.  Their particular
characteristics can be ascertained from the "factions.txt" document
that comes with the DAGGERFALL demo.  Future versions of this FAQ 
will explain all the parameters listed in this document.

Some NPC descriptions, (both good & bad) are listed in various 
screenshot descriptions in the DAGGERFALL Preview Section.

The top "NPC Types", mainly nations, are listed here, with their 
power ratings.  These are likely to have the greatest long run 
effect on your game of DAGGERFALL.  Please note that the power
ratings are indicative only (i.e. perhaps a long run average), the
actual power ratings will wax and wane:

Name    Power
DAGGERFALL      8000
Wayrest 8000
Sentinel        6000
Lainlyn 5000
Oblivion        5000
Satakalaam      5000
The Septim Empire       5000
Abibon-Gora     4500
Mournoth        4500
Archmagister    4000
Dwynnen 4000
Menevia 4000

You will have the fortune (or misfortune!) to interact with many of 
the less powerful NPCs as well, perhaps right down to the lowliest:

Name                    Power
Cyndassa                5
Lord Auberon Flyte      5
Lord Plessington                5
The Acolyte             5

Remember, each of these NPC Types will be forming opinions of you 
based on your actions; even into the sequels of DAGGERFALL.  But 
 your character is not the only one who interacts with NPCs in 
DAGGERFALL.  NPC types interact with each other, and many 
have allies and enemies.  The major NPCs are even creatures of habit
in that they have daily schedules.


These will further enrich your DAGGERFALL experience.  Tamriel is
divided up into 65 towns/regions for the purpose of generating 
random events.


(5) ARTIFACTS=====================================

DAGGERFALL has all 16 of the ARENA artifacts (but none are in the
demo).  Bethesda advises that they will be treated differently in
DAGGERFALL to ARENA.  The FAQ Co-Authors still suspect that many of
their features will be the same.  Whether ARENA artifacts will be 
able to be imported with ARENA characters into DAGGERFALL is
unclear.  Bethesda also advises that there are further artifacts 
specific to DAGGERFALL, but at this stage they aren't releasing any


(6) POWER UP=====================================

Press ALT-Q while playing the Demo to bring up the cheat menu.  You
get options like

1) become vampire; you get +20 on all statistics (up to a maximum of 
100 on any individual statistic).  Your extra normal spells are
Acidic field, Telekinesis, Calm mortal, Charm Mortal.  You can also
cast Levitate without expending any spell points
2) become werething; +40 on strength, agility, endurance, speed, (up
to a maximum of 100 on any individual statistic).  You can cast 
Lycanthropy without expending any spell points You do however 
lose some health.
You can also change from being a vampire/werething back into your
former state.

3) go up a level
4) get extra training in specific areas
5) toggle dungeon
6) toggle compass

The actions of 3-6 don't appear to work properly in the demo

7) find treasure

The Alt-Q key combination is very likely to be disabled in the full
version of DAGGERFALL.


(7) BUG ALERT!=====================================

The FAQ Authors believe an updated DEMO would be very worthwhile,
especially since it is a major part of the advertising for the game.
However, Bethesda is rightly focussing most of its attentions on the
game.  A new demo is only feasible, preferable & likely after the
release of DAGGERFALL.

Please provide one of the FAQ Co-Authors will any Demo Bug Details
that don't appear below, along with enough information for us to
attempt to recreate the bug.  The first 5 bugs are well known to
Bethesda; the company has promised to have them fixed for the full
game.  The others may require some lobbying to Bethesda!  Our
understanding is that they are using the release of the Demo to 
attempt to eradicate a whole range of bugs from the game, if not the

The bugs listed below may not necessarily occur in the second
version of the Demo (for more information check out the 
"Tell Me About the Demo" Section)

1)  If you pick some chain boots from Monster inventory the game
will crash
2)  Using the keyboard for movement is slower than the mouse
3)  There is no monster AI (eg. dodging your attacks)
4)  Monsters get stuck in the walls
5). It is occasionally possible to vanish into the void (the area
outside the demo)
6)  Character occasionally steers constantly to the left after 
having moved backwards
7)  When a monster dies close to a wall, you can't get at its 
8)  If you rest while your weapon is equipped, you often can't 
reequip it
9)  Helmet Icons often have a black border
10)  Casting a spell while kneeling on a downward slope appear to make
the spell effects come from above your head
11)  It is possible to see the black background behind where 2
walls meet when you look at it from a certain angle
12)  Sometimes while running full screen part of your sword
disappears, apparently that part that would be covered by the
status bar.
13)  Equipping the blue & gold bra (!) causes the game to crash.
This information was provided for all you cross dressers....
14)  "Pops" interrupting the music for many sound cards


(8) INFORMATION ABOUT BETHESDA SOFTWORKS ============================

Info on BETHESDA, as well as key staff:


Headquartered in Rockville, Maryland, Bethesda is the fourth
largest privately held publisher of PC Entertainment software.
Bethesda's success and long standing technical expertise has
attracted world-class programmers as well as veterans of
Hollywood animation studios. The company is the entertainment
software division of Media Technology Limited, an international
engineering research and development firm founded by members of
the Architecture Machine Group at MIT.

Info on the DAGGERFALL Lead Programmer:


Julian Lefay is Chief Programmer of Bethesda and joined shortly after
its creation in 1987. He is considered by many as one of the key 
technical people in the entertainment multi-media industry as he 
combines a rare mix of programming knowledge and computer language
skills with proven design capability and music composition experience

Lefay began programming in Europe in the early 1980's and quickly 
became known as one of the best Amstrad and Amiga programmers during
the high period of Commodore's success. His programs have won 
numerous industry awards in virtually every category. His TES:ARENA,
has developed into the most award-winning Role Playing Game of 1995.
He is currently finishing the next TES sequel, DAGGERFALL.

Info on a DAGGERFALL Designer:


Creator of "Ravenloft (r) Campaign Setting, Dragonstrike (r) Board 
Game," Introduction to AD&D"(r), "Gamma World"(r), "Fourth Edition"
and scores of other role-playing games, is one of the most
experienced writers in the role-playing community. As Creative
Director of TSR, he was in charge of the development of many of
TSR's best selling titles. 
"We are very pleased to have attracted someone of Bruce's caliber,"
said Christopher Weaver, President of Bethesda. "His extensive
background in all manner of role playing over the past twenty years
is a unique resource which we intend to utilize to the fullest.
  Bruce will be an integral part of the core group that directs the
future development of role playing at Bethesda." 
Nesmith commented that he would miss his friends and colleagues
at TSR, but was excited about the prospect of creating cutting- edge
products at Bethesda. "Bethesda is really committed to redefining
numerous genres and they are one of the few groups that has the
capability to do it," he said.  "Of all the companies that have
courted me over the years, Bethesda is the only one who impressed
me as having the critical proportions of ability, experience and
vision necessary to pull off their plans. The opportunity to become
an integral part of such an organization was just too exciting to
pass up." 

Info on the Bethesda Software President:


Christopher Weaver is President of Bethesda and CEO of Media 
Technology Limited. Weaver was formerly Senior Technical Advisor and
Chief Engineer to the House Subcomittee on Communications for the US
Congress, Vice President of Science & Technology for the National 
Cable Association and directed the Office of Technology Forecasting 
for the American Broadcasting Company in New York.

A member of the Directors Guild of America, the IEEE, the Society for
Cable Television Engineers and the American National Standards
Committee, Weaver pioneered some of the earliest academic and 
commercial work in interactive laserdisk technology in the 1970's and
interactive cable projects in the 1980's.

Weaver holds numerous Masters and dual doctoral degrees from Wesleyan
University and MIT. He subscribes to Arthur C. Clarke's observation
that, "Any sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from



*Many of these sources contain the latest version of the FAQ, and/or 
*have helped us to write the FAQ:


*BBS: Bethesda Software US Site at (301) 990-7552




      - http://www.bethsoft.com
      - register and fill out some stuff to get Emporium credits & a 
        different storyline to the unregistered surfers
      - go to the 'CAULDRON' to access info on BETHESDA's new 
        products.  DAGGERFALL is at the top of the list
      - screenshots are available from:

      - http://www.m0use.net/~uesp/
      - http://www.crown.net/~r6g020/DAGGERFALL.html
      - http://www.ecn.uoknor.edu/~esglenn/dagger.html
      - http://wcl-l.bham.ac.uk/GamesDomain/faqs/dagerfal.html
      - http://happypuppy.com/games/faqcht
      - http://www.cris.com/~kronald/arena.html
      - http://tahoma.cwu.edu:2000/~greenwel/daggerfall/tes.htm
*    - http://www.bayserve.net/~lemberg/dfall

*MAGAZINES: Computer Gaming World, 1/95, 3/95, 8/95, 9/96;
Strategy Plus, 8/95; PC Gamer 8/95; PC Power 8/95;
Next Generation 11/95; PC Review 10/95, PC Gamer 4/96

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(10) WRAP UP ========================================================

If you have any suggestions, or find a mistake in this FAQ(contrary 
to popular belief, we are _not_ perfect ;-), email one of us.

Special thanks go to the following people for helping make this FAQ 
possible: Bethesda01@Aol.Com, Ted Peterson, LoneWolf & Chris Weaver.

This FAQ will grow substantially when DAGGERFALL is released.  We 
will eventually provide tips, a walkthrough of the optional plot and 
the inevitable patch information.

"Bethesda Softworks", "The Elder Scrolls", "Arena" and "DAGGERFALL"
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DAGGERFALL FAQ, copyright 1996, Dave Humphrey, Andrew Frankling,
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