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(lore page)
Race Nord
Gender Female
Initial Age 18 - 24
Health 140
Stamina 90
Magicka 90
Trait(s) Enduring, Mighty, Tribal, Reckless, Headstrong

Lydia is a Nord housecarl from the Fourth Era, better known for her sworn service to carry the Dragonborn's burdens all across Skyrim.

Lydia is a legendary Nord subject. She comes equipped with a Nord Hero Battle Axe and Lydia's Burden.


There is a ruling unique to Lydia:

<Co-Requester's First Name> keeps ordering me around, and telling me to carry their things. I’m not their servant![page]
Unacceptable, <Co-Requester's First Name>. Those things will be confiscated.
<Co-Requester's First Name>, please stop bothering Lydia.
Leave me out of this.