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Hvitkald Peak
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Console Location Code(s)
Solstheim, Hvitkald Peak
Moesring Mountains, [-25,23]
Northeast of Thormoor's Watch
Hvitkald Peak

Hvitkald Peak is a large, steep mountain northeast of Thormoor's Watch.

Forming the start of the Moesring Mountains on the northwestern side of Solstheim, Hvitkald Peak is the only location where the wolfsbane flower naturally grows.

The mountain overlooks the frozen Mortrag Glacier, the Isinfier Plains, and the other Moesring Mountains that curve towards the northeast. Hvitkald Peak, like most of the northwestern region of Solstheim, is frequently assaulted by major blizzards that can last up to two days.

Hvitkald Peak is the highest point in Solstheim, second only to Red Mountain in all of Vvardenfell. The ascent is difficult without levitation and dangerous due to the riekling raiders that can overwhelm even the most experienced.

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  • The name of the place is basically two Norwegian words put together: Hvit (Which means: White) and Kald (Which means: Cold).