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Workshop is a Town building to craft decorations. It is available at town level 3 and is owned and operated by Thahala.


Here are the costs to build and upgrade the base Timber Workshop.

Level Limestone Lumber Copper Gold Build Time Destroy Cost
1 61 72 46 4,075 37M 30S 200
2 53 64 40 6,100 15M 200
3 82 99 62 9,100 30M 200
4 111 134 84 13,600 1H 200
5 130 157 98 20,350 XH 200
6 186 224 140 30,475 4H 200
7 265 320 200 45,665 8H -
8 451 544 340 68,540 16H -
9 - - - - XH -
10 - - - - XH -


The following items can be bought from the workshop, although the quantities vary. Upgrading the workshop increase the number of items.

Decoration Materials
Item Gold
Limestone 120
Completed Decorations
Item Gold
Fire Pit 5,000



Name Rarity Items Time (sec) Gold Description
Unicorn Fountain Epic 30 Marble 14,400 (4 hours) 6,000 Unicorns have not been seen in this area since the Oblivion Crisis but they live on in art and sculpture.
Ayleid Urn Rare 15 Marble, 6 Crystal 1,200 (20 min) 5,000 This urn was found in an Ayleid tomb. It is unclear whose ashes these are, but they were given a lavish burial.
Crystal Shrine Rare 100 Lumber, 5 Crystal 300 (5 min) 2,000 No one in <townname> knows exactly what these Ayleid crystals were used for, but they seem to resonate with power...
Memorial Uncommon 10 Fabric, 5 Dye 1,200 (20 min) 5,000 This is a quiet spot to remember and honor the lives lost when the town was destroyed.
Ayleid Light Uncommon 10 Marble, 5 Crystal 120 (2 min) 3,000 Made from repurposed Ayleid materials, this decoration gives off a magical glow.
Small Fountain Uncommon 10 Marble 300 (5 min) 2,000 Cold, fresh water from a nearby river is diverted here for the town's refreshment and amusement.
Warrior's Fire Uncommon 20 Limestone, 5 Lumber 120 (2 min) 1,000 Many young people left the town to fight in the Great War and never returned. This fire burns in memory of them.
Pot of Stew Common 10 Honeycombs, 5 Bronze 120 (2 min) 500 What better way to celebrate the town's reneweal than with a hearty meal?
Brazier Common 10 Limestone, 5 Lumber 10 500 This is a quie, reflective space for townsfolk to take a breath and reflect
Old Well Common 15 Limestone, 1 Seeds 10 500 Townsfolk have been drawing water from this well for decades, if not centuries
Potted Trees Common 2 Seeds 10 500 Life is returning to <townname> thanks to the hard work of its residents.
Barrels & Bushes Common 10 Lumber, 2 Seeds 10 500 People have started bringing life back into <townname>, both literally and figuratively.
Bonfire Common 25 Lumber 120 (2 min) 1,000 No matter who you are or where you are from it is always fun to watch something burn.
Fountain Planter Common 5 Marble 120 (2 min) 1,000 This abandoned fountain has been converted into a decorative planter. Ironically, constat watering is required.
Decorative Planters Common 5 Copper, 10 Seeds 300 (5 min) 1,500 Even without flowers in them, this pair of decorative planters adds to the aesthetic of the town.
Fire Pit Common 100 Lumber, 10 Bronze 5 2,500 This small pit fire brings light and warmth in a simple package.
Lamp Post Uncommon 25 Lumber, 4 Crystal 1200 (20 min) 2,250 People often feel unsafe walking darkened streets, so these Lamp Posts will help bring light to the town and alleviate that problem.
Mulberry Tree Common 5 Seeds 120 (2 min) 1,000 This small tree might just bring life and hope to <townname>.
Potted Plants Common 5 Seeds, 10 Copper 300 (5 min) 1,500 Decorations like this set of ceramic pots filled with flowers add prestige to <townname> and will help draw people back.
Short Shrub Common 5 Seeds 10 500 This small shrub will add a touch of greenery to your town.
Small Cedar Tree Common 5 Seeds 120 (2 min) 1,000 This small tree might just bring life and hope to <townname>.
Small Torch Common 50 Lumber, 1 Fabric 10 500 This small brazier will keep the streets lit and villagers warm at night.
Tall Mulberry Tree Uncommon 5 Seeds 10 2,000 This small tree might just bring life and hope to <townname>.
Tall Shrub Common 5 Seeds 120 (2 min) 1,000 This small shrub, featuring a patch of lavender at its base, will add life and color to the town.
Training Dummy Uncommon 80 Lumber, 4 Fabric 300 (5 min) 1,500 The sight of a Training Dummy will show the people of <townname> that you take your skills at arms very seriously.
Vegetable Patch Common 5 Seeds 10 500 This humble vegetable patch is a small sign that the town's fortunes are beginning to grow again.


Name Rarity Items Time Gold Description
Archery Range Uncommon 10 Fabric, 10 Dye, 100 Lumber 5 minutes 6,000 An Archery Target is just the thing to help the residents of <townname> hone their shooting skills.
Aspen Tree Common 15 Seeds 2 minutes 4,000 There's nothing quite like the natural beauty of a tree to bring some badly-needed life and color back to <townname>.
Ayleid Stele Uncommon 50 Marble, 500 Limestone (?) 20,000 Its specific significance unknown, this style of obelisk is only found in the deepest halls of the Ayleid ruins beneath <townname>.
Cedar Tree Common 15 Seeds 20 minutes 9,000 There’s nothing quite like the natural beauty of a tree to bring some badly-needed life and color back to <townname>.
Keg of Ale Uncommon 400 Lumber, 15 Crystal, 10 Dye 20 minutes 9,000 Supplying townsfolk with tasty Ale should do wonders for morale.
Outhouse Uncommon 1 Fabric, 400 Lumber 5 minutes 6,000 Unlike some of the larger cities of the Empire, <townname> lacks an underground sewage system... which makes the Outhouse a necessity.
Pillories Uncommon 15 Bronze, 200 Lumber 2 minutes 4,000 Pillories are used to hold and humiliate lawbreakers whose crimes warrant more than a stern talking too... but a bit less than hanging.
Tall Cedar Tree Common 15 Seeds 5 minutes 6,000 There’s nothing quite like the natural beauty of a tree to bring some badly-needed life and color back to <townname>.


Name Rarity Items Time Gold Description
Fancy Water Fountain Rare 100 Marble (?) 20,000 This decorative Fountain will provide the residents of <townname> with both a unique gathering space and a source of clean drinking water.
Founder's Statue Legendary 50 Crystal, 60 Bronze, 100 Marble 10 seconds 35,000 (Note: only visible while the quest to craft it is in progress)

This Elder Statue depicts the town’s original founder, an Ayleid prince from the First Era.

Gallows Uncommon 10 Bronze, 590 Lumber 1 hour 15,000 Constructing these Gallows will send a clear message to the citizens of <townname> - lawlessness will not be tolerated.
Large Cedar Tree Uncommon 25 Seeds 2 minutes 10,000 A verdant tree provides a welcoming touch of nature within the cold stone walls of <townname>.
Ancient Tree Uncommon 25 Seeds, 10 Crystal (?) 22,500 This ancient tree has stopped producting leaves, yet somehow clings to life.