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Stormcaller (LTUltimate.ShockMace)
Type Versatile Bashing Weapon
Quality Legendary
Requires Level Player Level 30
Damage 168 / 193.2 Damage Per Second (?)
Block Rating 147 Maximum Condition 450
Buying Price 00000720720Sigils Selling Price 0001270312,703Gold
Inspired by the mythical weapon known as "Skeleton's Bane" for its effect on these undead, this mace is said to contain the power of forty storm atronachs.

Shock Damage Does 45 shock damage to Health and Magicka.
Ravage Stamina Reduces target's maximum Stamina by 38.
Ravage Magicka Reduces target's maximum Magicka by 38.

Stormcaller is a mace only available to be purchased from the Sigil Shop. It is the LT Ultimate version of Thunderfell.