Blades:Stendarr's Hammer

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Stendarr's Hammer
Stendarr's Hammer (StendarrsHammer)
(lore page)
Type Heavy Bashing Weapon
Quality Legendary Artifact
Requires Level Player Level 44
Damage 165 Damage Per Second (?)
Block Rating 148.5 Maximum Condition 537
Selling Price 0005020750,207Gold
Stendarr's Hammer, a massive weapon of ebony and sapphire, is said by some to have belonged to the Aedric God of Justice himself.

Stamina Damage Does 255.83 damage to Stamina.
Fortify Primary Effect Improves main enchantment by 15% (applied).
Extra Damage On Criminals Does 20% more damage to Bandits, Necromancers, and Goblins.

Stendarr's Hammer (?)

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