Blades:Necromancer (The Purifying Flames high level B)

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Level 39-59
Archetype Necromancer
Race Varies
Gender Varies
Type Outlaw
Magicka Health Stamina
+10% Magicka Regeneration
231+(14.857*lvl) 120
+2% Stamina Regeneration
Damage Armor Rating Block Rating
34+(1.681*lvl) 151+(7.588*lvl) 63+(3.547*lvl)
AttackAttack Cooldown BlockBlock Cooldown SpellSpell Cooldown AbilityAbility Cooldown
0.35 0.25 1 0.75
Base Attack Damage Type

Deals physical damage based on weapon

Resistances and Weaknesses
Slashing Immunity Cleaving Immunity Bashing Immunity
Immune Immune Immune
Resist Fire Frost Immunity Shock Immunity Poison Immunity
192 Immune Immune Immune

Siphon Life (2)
Magicka Surge (1)
Blizzard Armor (1)
Ice Spike (7)
Frostbite (4)
Absorb (4)

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