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Old Man Chimere

Old Man Chimere, Chimere Graegyn by full name, was a retainer of the ambitious Direnni clan and a master of conjuration. He dared to scheme against Mehrunes Dagon, and won. When his trick succeeded, Dagon was cast into Oblivion. However, in the instant of his betrayal, Dagon struck out against the mortal who tricked him. Chimere's pact assured that he would live forever in his home town among the happy voices of his friends and countrymen. Twisting the literal words of Chimere's pact, Dagon scooped up tiny Caecilly Island (a small island off the coast of Northmoor) and hurled it into the void. All Chimere's friends and countrymen were instantly killed, though the sounds of their voices remained to torment Chimere's memory. Chimere was condemned to live forever, to grow progressively old and crippled with arthritis, and to contemplate the tragic consequences of his defiance of fate and fortune in cheating a Daedra Lord.

For more information, see the main lore article.

He is found in his cottage on the Chimera of Desolation. He left some letters all over the island, inviting you to seek him out. After his initial few requests, he is very helpful in the defeat of Egahirn and your escape to the Havok Wellhead.




Player Response Result
Hello? Reply 1
It's all right, greybeard. I'm not going to harm you. Reply 1
Who are you? What are you doing here? Reply 1

Reply 1[edit]

"Er.. uh.. (creaking and groaning like he hasn't talked in two hundred years.)"

Player Response Result
Have a tongue, old man. Speak. Reply 2
What are you doing here? Reply 2

Reply 2[edit]

"Errr… er… keep ye back! (croaking it out)"

Player Response Result
Ah, so you CAN speak. Come one. I'm in a hurry, old man. Reply 3
Are you all right? Reply 3
Who are you? What are you doing here? Reply 3

Reply 3[edit]

"Keep ye back! I am a powerful conjuror! I can destroy the most powerful of godlings with but a word! One more step and I will consign thee to Oblivion! "

Player Response Result
Old man, I admire a bluffer as much as the next gambler, but I'm no stranger to killing. Don't make threats. Reply 4
Easy, old timer. Reply 4

Reply 4[edit]

"I warned ye! With but a gesture I invoke the power of the darkest… urk.. can't move. Dang arfritis [sic]. KEEP YE BACK! Nice creature."

Player Response Result
What? Reply 5
I'm not a creature. Or nice, for that matter. Reply 5

Reply 5[edit]

"Errrrr! You howl so strangely. What manner of fell beast are ye? Some demonling from the darkest pits? Some savage animal bristling with claws and fur and fangs? "

Player Response Result
I'm a human! Manling. A Mortal from Tamriel. A stranger in this world. Reply 6
You sure do go on and on and on and on, old man. Reply 6

Reply 6[edit]

"Mayhap ye are a delusion of the mind. A bit of undigested pudding."

Player Response Result
Pudding? Do have some handy? Reply 7
I'm no delusion. I'm real. Very real. Would you like a sharp poke to prove it? Reply 7

Reply 7[edit]

"Egad! Ye speak! A trained mockery, parroting the exalted speech of humankind! "

Player Response Result
As I was saying, for a very long time, it seems, I am a human. Hyoo- man. Are you deaf, by chance? Reply 8
I'm losing patience with you, doddering fool! Reply 8

Reply 8[edit]

"Ye ARE human! I had nearly forgotten… From whence come ye, mortal? From the Northmoor mainland? Your face isn't familiar, and I know everyone on the island."

Player Response Result
I've got news for you. I don't think there's any mainland. I think this is just another lost world floating in the void. Reply 9
I come from Tamriel. And most recently, from Battlespire, and Shade Perilous, and from some other Powers-cursed worlds floating in the void. Reply 9
Why, yes. Good old Wistful Vista. And how are things in YOUR town? Reply 9

Reply 9[edit]

"What a relief ye be human. Perhaps ye can be of assistance to old man Chimere. I have lost something, and I canna find it. With me arthritis, I canna go looking for what I have lost…"

Player Response Result
Ah. Information at last. Your name. Old Man Chimere. Right? Well, sure, I'm happy to help out the old folks. Reply 10
I think you'd better answer some questions first, old man. Reply 10

Reply 10[edit]

"No! I must find it first…"

Player Response Result
OK. What is are you looking for? Reply 11
This could go on forever. Maybe there's someone less crotchety I can talk to. Goodbye. END

Reply 11[edit]

"I've lost me… me… me THINGY!"

Player Response Result
Huh? Reply 12
I'll get right on it. One THINGY coming right up. -----Poor old guy. Just one oar in the water. Goodbye. Reply 12
You've lost your MARBLES. Reply 12

Reply 12[edit]

"(thinking hard) No. Not a thingy. Me spoon! I had a spoon once! "

Player Response Result
You want me to find a SPOON? A spoon quest? Reply 13
Enough of this foolishness. What is this place? Why are you here? Reply 13

Reply 13[edit]

"Yes. A spoon. I'm sure I have lost a… spoon."

Player Response Result
OK. I'll go get your spoon. Back ina bit. Goodbye. END &Spoon
Was it magic? Did it have special properties? Reply 14

Reply 14[edit]

"I loved that little spoon so… and now I know not what I have done with it."

Player Response Result
All right. If I see a spoon I'll bring it to you. Then we'll [sic] GOOD friends and you'll tell me what I want to know. Or I'll strangle you. END &Spoon

Second Greeting[edit]

"Yi! Oh. It's ye. "

Player Response Result
I looked everywhere, and I can't find any spoon. Reply 15

Reply 15[edit]

"Spoon? What are you talking about? What do I want with a spoon?"

Player Response Result
What? You asked me to find a spoon for you! Reply 16

Reply 16[edit]

"I had a CAT! Where is me kit? "

Player Response Result
You want me to find a cat? Fine. Not much else to do but WANDER AROUND THE DAMN ISLAND LOOKING FOR A DAMN CAT! Fine. FINE! Goodbye. END &Cat
What kind of cat? Reply 17

Reply 17[edit]

"Once I had a little cat. No! Many kits! I had FLOCKS of kittens! Oh! You should see how they skitter! All over the town! Oh, they were my joy. What squeakings they would make! "

Player Response Result
Speaking of this town, what is it? What's its name? Reply 18
OK. I'll find your cat. Goodbye. END &Cat

Reply 18[edit]

"I canna answer such things until me kits are restored to me! "

Player Response Result
OK. I'll find your cats. END &Cat

Third Greeting[edit]

"Ye gods! Oh, it be ye. "

Player Response Result
Sorry. I can't find your cats. Anywhere. Looked everywhere. High and low. No cats. Period. Plenty of other nonsense. But not ONE DAMN CAT! Reply 19

Reply 19[edit]

"Cats? I have no cats. I had some children. Have ye seen me children? Playful scamps. Up to some mischief, no doubt, the imps."

Player Response Result
No I haven't seen any children. Reply 20
This is getting extremely tedious. We don't seem to be getting anywhere. I am in terrible danger, and my friend has been captured and delivered into captivity before Lord Dagon, Daedra Lord of Destruction. So I'm getting extra tired of your prattle. Reply 20

Reply 20[edit]

"I had a few children. One? Two? Thousand? I forget. I remember! About two thousand!"

Player Response Result
You're a loony. There are no children. Period. Reply 21
No two thousand children. Not here. And I don't know if I want to go on living in a world where you have two thousand children. Reply 21
Ah, yeah. I found 'em all. They're safe with their families now. Reply 21

Reply 21[edit]

"Ye lie! Sin-hearted blackguard! I should smite ye with but a gesture-- ouch. Me arthritis."

Player Response Result
OK, OK. Sorry. There are thousands of children. Right outside the cottage. But -- THEY'RE NOT YOURS! HAH-HAH-HAH! Reply 22
I repeat. No two thousand children. Not here. Reply 22

Reply 22[edit]

"I do! I do!… I did… I did. They're gone now. Have ye seen them?"

Player Response Result
There are no humans in this town except you and me. Reply 23
Ah, sure. They're all outside having a good time -- WITH THE PIXIES AND THE FAIRIES! Reply 23

Reply 23[edit]

"There's no one? No one at all? My town! My people! All gone! gone! I remember now! Curse me for a fool! I have destroyed them all!"

Player Response Result
Why did you destroy them? Reply 24
Who are you? And what for Stendarr's sake is going on here? Reply 24

Reply 24[edit]

"I am sorry. I have not been myself. Give me some time. As for your questions, look over there on the table for my journal. The story is there. Take your time. When you've finished, perhaps I'll be in better control."

Player Response Result
Good. I shall do as you suggest. END &Kids

Fourth Greeting[edit]

"Have you reviewed my journal?"

Player Response Result
[&ChimereJournal] Yes. Reply 27
Well, I -- ehr -- uh. Reply 25
No. Reply 25

Reply 25[edit]

"Read my journal. Please. And don't trouble me again until you have."

Player Response Result
Very well. END
I don't want to. You can't make me. END

Fifth Greeting[edit]

"So. The Hunt hasn't yet swallowed you up. A promising sign. Can I help you?"

Player Response Result
No. This place seems to be safe, and I need a rest. END
I hope so. You have any new ideas? Reply 26
Actually, I could use some help. I'm a little confused. Or completely confused. I can't remember which. Reply 27

Reply 26[edit]

"No. I've told you all I can think of."

Player Response Result
Oh, dear. Well, thanks anyway. END

Reply 27[edit]

"Have you any other questions?"

Player Response Result
Yes. How did you defeat Dagon? Reply 28
How do I get out of this place? CAN I get out of this place? Reply 50
I need your help. If I can help you change -- or end -- your exile here, would you be willing to help me? Reply 39
I read here in your journal about the Armor of the Savior's Hide. Can I borrow this armor? Reply 34
Can a Huntsman's Spear wound the Huntsman? Reply 36
[&Armor] I have the Armor of the Savior's Hide -- all of it -- helmet, pauldrons, cuirass, gauntlets, greaves, and boots. Reply 40
[&Case] I have this case. It has the Spear in it, right? Reply 42
No. Perhap later. But thanks. Goodbye. END &Bye

Reply 28[edit]

"I banished Dagon by invoking his protonymic."

Player Response Result
Oh. Good work. His what? Reply 29

Reply 29[edit]

"His protonymic. Like a mortal wizard's true name. The focus of incantory magics. The short hairs."

Player Response Result
I see. And what, pray tell, is Dagon's protonymic? Reply 30

Reply 30[edit]

"Oh, I'm sure it will do you no good. Since his reemergence from Oblivion, he has surely added a neonymic. To protect himself against me, and anyone else who gets his protonymic."

Player Response Result
Okay. A neonymic is, I suppose, a new protonymic. Right? Reply 31

Reply 31[edit]

"Close enough."

Player Response Result
So. Tell me his protonymic anyway. Just for laughs. Reply 32

Reply 32[edit]

" Lehkelogah."

Player Response Result
Bless you. Reply 33

Reply 33[edit]

"No. Lehkelogah. His protonymic was Lehkelogah. But surely that's now only half his incantory name. So you see, it does you no good. Even if you were close enough to him to invoke it in his presence."

Player Response Result
That's great. Very helpful. Thanks, and goodbye. END
I see. Thanks for that. Do you mind if we talk about something else? Reply 27

Reply 34[edit]

"Of course! You'll be wanting my Armour of the Saviour's Hide. When complete, it might even turn aside the menace of the Huntsman's Spear. Ages ago I scattered and hid the pieces around the island to keep them from falling into the wrong hands. I wish I could remember where I left them --"

Player Response Result
You don't know where the armor is? Reply 35

Reply 35[edit]

"No. Sorry. I wasn't quite right in the head when I hid them. Things are very hazy from that time. Here. Wait a moment. I'll jot down everything I can remember. Take my notes, and look around the island. It's a small island, and not that many places for an old man to hide large pieces of armor."

Player Response Result
I see, Thanks, and goodbye. END PUT 21_033
I see. Thanks for that. Do you mind if we talk about something else? Reply 27 PUT 21_033

Reply 36[edit]

"What an odd question. And interesting. Yes. Certainly. But how would you survive the attacks of the Huntsman Spear? Even if you wear the Armor of the Savior's Hide, it is only REALLY effective against an oathbreaker."

Player Response Result
Oh. I see. Well. Thanks. Do you mind if we talk about something else? Reply 27
Hang on. Egahirn, the Huntsman. The Frost Daedra tell me he took the sixth key that opens the gate. That is against the Law, right? Doesn't Egahirn have to swear an oath or something to uphold the Law in order to be a Huntsman and use the Spear? Reply 37

Reply 37[edit]

"OF COURSE! My Armour of the Savior's Hide! It protects the wearer from attacks of an oathbreaker! If Egahirn is forsworn, the armor will protect you. Oh, that's too sweet. And better yet -- think of THIS! Who MADE the Spear? Dagon FORGED the Spear for the Hunt. And it is Dagon's own power which makes the Spear's power so utterly terrible! And GUESS WHO IS A BIG FAT OATHBREAKER?! Hah, hah, hah! It's PERFECT!"

Player Response Result
So. Wearing the Armour of the Savior's Hide will protect me from the attacks of the Huntsman? I bet I even get DOUBLE protection, since BOTH the Huntsman AND Dagon, the Spear maker, are oathbreakers! Sounds exactly perfect. But -- are you sure? I mean -- this business about Dagon the oathbreaker? And the Spear using Dagon's power? And the armor? It would be really unpleasant for me if you were wrong. Reply 38

Reply 38[edit]

"OF COURSE I'm sure. Have I ever failed you before? Hah-hah-hah! It's PERFECT. You wear my armor. You can wield the Spear. YOU CAN KILL THE HUNTSMAN! Hah-hah-hah. I see the hands of the Gods in this! JUSTICE! Divine JUSTICE on Dagon! And you, youth, are clearly the GODS' TOOL! You cannot fail."

Player Response Result
You're scaring me, old man. But it's just crazy enough to work. Thanks for the tip. And goodbye. END
[&Armor] I have the Armor of the Savior's Hide -- all of it -- helmet, pauldrons, cuirass, gauntlets, greaves, and boots. Reply 40
Thanks, but I wish I could share your absolute confidence. Do you mind if we talk about something else? Reply 27

Reply 39[edit]

"I will help you. All I know or own is yours for the asking. And the one possession I lack in this world is my life, and that is not a gift you can give. Perhaps only Dagon could grant such a gift. I suffer, from age and guilt. But not many mortals have bested Dagon. It's some compensation. I am lonely, yes. Perhaps a companion. Yes. But don't waste thought on it. Concentrate on your plight, and let me aid you. "

Player Response Result
I see, Thanks, and goodbye. END
I see. Thanks for that. Do you mind if we talk about something else? Reply 27

Reply 40[edit]

"Yes, of course. You have the armor."

Player Response Result
So now what? Reply 41
[&Case] And I have this case. Reply 42

Reply 41[edit]

"So go get the Spear. It's in a case in the Chapel of the Innocent Quarry -- the green crystal monstrosity south of the waterfall. You can't open the case yourself, of course. Magical wards and seals galore. But bring it back to me, and I'll have it open in a jiffy. Then I'll check the Spear for traps, curses, that sort of thing -- can't be too careful with Daedric sorcery. Then you take the Spear, and you're in business."

Player Response Result
Right. Get the case from the green crystal monstrosity and bring it back to you and you'll get the Spear out, make sure it's safe, and give it to me. Swell. Thanks. Goodbye. END

Reply 42[edit]

"You have the case? Do you have the armor?"

Player Response Result
[&Armor] Sure. Reply 43
Nope. Not yet. Reply 49
Well. I. Ehr. Reply 49

Reply 43[edit]

"GIVE ME THE CASE. Right. Just as I thought. Just like all Dagon's other little protection schemes -- just a few tweaks -- a pinch -- a deft yank -- and -- ta da! Open. Just like I told you. Okay. Take the Spear. Go ahead. Don't be shy. Everything is fine. I've checked it completely, you're perfectly safe -- THERE! I TOLD YOU! I TOLD YOU! YOU'RE NOT EVEN A LITTLE DEAD. HAH-HAH-HAH! Still have the old touch. Right?! Right!?"

Player Response Result
Phew. You're amazing, old man -- ehr -- your high wizardship. Okay. I have the Armor. I have the Spear. I'm the Man of the Hour. The Hare turns Hunter! Oh. Say. How does the Spear work? Reply 44 PUT 14_5016 &Spear

Reply 44[edit]

"The Spear? Oh. Yes. You use it. You know. Like. Grab hold and poke. Simple, really. Oh. And don't waste time poking anything but the Huntsman, actually. Cuts right through Huntsmen during a Hunt -- the ritual thing, you know -- but sharp as a butter knife on most Daedra. "

Player Response Result
Grab hold and poke. Too easy, really. Reply 45

Reply 45[edit]

"Go out there, and make me proud of you. I'm sure you'll do just fine. Now. If you don't mind, I think it's time for my nap. A lot of excitement for an old man. But be sure to come back and tell me how everything works out."

Player Response Result
No sooner said than done. Goodbye, and thanks again. Sir. END &Killer

Sixth Greeting[edit]

"[[The old gentleman stands like a statue, but he's snoring away, out on his feet.]]"

Player Response Result
Hello. Excuse me. I was hoping to have a word. Reply 46

Reply 46[edit]

"[[The old gentleman stands like a statue, but he's snoring away, out on his feet.]]"

Player Response Result

Reply 47[edit]

"[[The old gentleman snorts in mid-snore and peers out balefully through one sleep-gummed eye.]]"

Player Response Result
Oh. Sorry. Didn't mean to disturb you, sir. Just reporting back as you wished. Reply 48
Did it. Did it. Did it. Whattya think of that?! Reply 48
I'll be leaving now, sir. It all went just as you said. But I didn't want to leave without telling you. And saying thank you. And wishing you -- well -- the best of everything. Reply 48

Reply 48[edit]

"Hmmph. Told you, didn't I? You're the Tool of the Gods. You're Justice Incarnate. Now. Go get Dagon for me. Good night."

Player Response Result
Ehr -- good night, sir. Dagon won't know what hit 'im. And thanks again. END

Seventh Greeting[edit]

"[[The old gentleman stands like a statue, but he's snoring away, out on his feet.]]"

Player Response Result
Hello. Excuse me. I was hoping to have a word. Reply 46
Oh. Well. Goodnight, old man. END

Reply 49[edit]

"Go on. Go get the armor. You're not getting the Spear until I see you in the Armor. No Armor? No Spear. Safety first. First rule of sorcery. Safety first."

Player Response Result
Fine. Get the armor. Safety first. Fine. Be right back. END

Reply 50[edit]

"YOU can leave. I can't. The gate is in the Temple of the Daedric Rites, the great horned travesty in Granvellusa, the walled town. You need six keys to get into the Temple, but once inside, the path to the gate is open. I'm afraid I don't know where the keys are, but I've never looked for them, either. Not much point. For me."

Player Response Result
The gate is in the temple in the walled city, and I need six keys. Right. Thanks, and goodbye. END
I see. That's good to know. Do you mind if we talk about something else? Reply 27
[&Egahirn] The Frost Daedra tell me Egahirn, the Huntsman, took the sixth key that opens the gate. At least I know where that one is. Reply 51

Reply 51[edit]

"That's rude. The keys must be left where the Hare can find them. That means you must KILL Egahirn to get the sixth key and escape. That's just not fair. Huntsmen take no harm from any mortal weapon."

Player Response Result
Okay. That means I have to kill Egahirn to get out of here, and that means I have to find some sort of special weapon. Useful information. Should be PLENTY of special weapons lying around. Better look around. Thanks, and goodbye. END
I see. Thanks for that. Do you mind if we talk about something else? Reply 27