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The pre-match lobby
Red vs Blue

Battlespire features three multiplayer modes: Deathmatch, Cooperative, and Team vs. Team. Each map from single player mode is available for any of these three modes, with a total of ten additional maps available for various games.

Team vs. Team has two teams, and their default names are "The Blue Guys" and "The Red Guys". You can change the team names prior to the start of the game by clicking on them and typing a new name.

The multiplayer feature relies on software which is no longer supported; for details on how to emulate the content, see this guide.

Multiplayer Levels[edit]



Note: these maps are also available for Deathmatch and Team vs. Team play

  • The Weir Gate - "Find FIVE COGS and put them in the MACHINE, and close ALL ANCHORS then the gate will open."
  • Caitiff (including the second part) - "Find FOUR VOIDGUIDES and put them in the MACHINE, then the gate will open."
  • The Soul Cairn - "Find THREE RODS and put them on top of the MAUSOLEUM, then leave the level via the teleport door."
  • Shade Perilous - "Switch on FOUR LEVERS. then leave via the teleport platform."
  • The Chimera of Desolation - "Find the SIX GATE KEYS, then exit through the temple teleporter."
  • Havok Wellhead - "Find THREE GATE KEYS, and then leave through the teleport platform."
  • Mehrunes Dagon (Dagon's Hunting Lodge) - "You'll never finish this level, HAHAHAHAHA!"

Team vs. Team[edit]

*This map crashes the game immediately upon loading. The unofficial Battlespire CTF2 Patch makes the map playable.


  • The Steam version of Battlespire does not include multiplayer.[verification needed — out of date?]