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ON-icon-achievement-Master Crafter.png Master Crafter
ON-icon-achievement-Master of Many Crafts.png Master of Many Crafts
ON-icon-achievement-Unsurpassed Crafter.png Unsurpassed Crafter
Type Crafting Achievements
Points 10, 15, 50
Needed for Grand Master Crafter
Complete [1 / 25 / 100] Master Writs.

Unsurpassed Crafter and its preceding achievements are awarded for completing Master Writs. These can be for any of the 7 crafting professions.

The easiest method to complete this achievement is to focus on Enchanting and Alchemy writs. These usually do not reward many Writ Vouchers, but they also take very few resources to complete and require no particular sets unlike the equipment writs, making it faster to hand them in. You can obtain Master Writs by regularly completing daily writs, although for the purposes of this achievement you might find it useful to buy easy writs from Guild Traders. Rapidly completing these writs can be assisted on PC through the use of third party add-ons.