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Online:Sacrament: Sewer Tenement

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Carry out a contract in an inhabited sewer system.
Faction: Dark Brotherhood
Quest Giver: Speaker Terenus in the Dark Brotherhood Sanctuary
Location(s): Sewer Tenement
Prerequisite Quest: A Lesson in Silence
Reward: Unidentified Sithis' Touch Equipment or
Unidentified Sithis' Touch Equipment (for completing all challenges)
Very High Leveled Gold
10 Dark Brotherhood RepReputation
+10 Dark Brotherhood Rep for completing all challenges
XP Gain: Standard Experience XP
ID: 5726
RepeatableRepeatable: Daily
A much sought-after Dwarven Relic; not something you want at the site of a murder
I received a contract from the Speaker.

Quick Walkthrough[edit]

  1. Speak with Terenus to go to the Sewer Tenement.
  2. Complete all challenges for a better reward.
  3. Kill your assassination target.
  4. Escape the Sewer Tenement and speak with Terenus for your reward.

Detailed Walkthrough[edit]

Marked target locations

Speaker Terenus has a task for you. He needs you to kill someone. That "someone" will be one of the following individuals:

  • Alard Cerone, a Breton who has seen too much (forked northern room, on the top floor near the back)
  • Andilo Andrano, a Dunmer with a spectacular inheritance (in the large southern room, upstairs on the far left)
  • Aojee-Ei, an Argonian poking his nose where it doesn't belong (the top rightmost room of the area)
  • Dolwinora, a Bosmer who wishes to frame her husband (the square room directly north of the initial entrance to the sewer)
  • Geon Alinie, a Breton chronicler hot on the Brotherhood's heels (location?)
  • Herminius Andus, a renowned equestrian (in the room branching west off of the large southern room, also found in hidden room branching off the upper east square room, below the "T" room)
  • Lamzakha, a conniving skooma dealer (in a hidden room at the northernmost part of the area, go upstairs to the right then jump across through vines into the hidden room)
  • Talrahal, a Redguard healer (in the westernmost room)

Speaker Terenus will likely have given you several tasks to complete while you're in the sewers. Your first objective is to either kill a secondary mark or destroy an item— this item may be a Dwarven Relic or a Custom-Made Hookah, depending on the group inhabiting the area. The secondary target is there as a challenge, and the item to destroy is either too powerful to exist or has great sentimental value to someone. The Dwarven Relic will be located on the right-hand side at the bottom of the stairs in the mid-northern chamber of the Sewer Tenement (on the map provided, this is the large chamber with three possible target locations in it), next to Geon Alinie if he's present; the Hookah, instead, is located in the square-shaped, southern chamber (the only large chamber with no targets), in the bottom right corner.

Your secondary objective will be to either:

  • Murder your target with a poison equipped on the weapon slot you have active when you make the kill, or
  • Kill your target with the Blade of Woe.

Finally, you'll want to escape the Sewer Tenement in under two minutes after the kill, as Terenus doesn't want people poking around the scene of an assassination. Stepping into the entrance area counts as escaping the sewer tenement. If you manage to stay within the zone after your main mark has been killed, the Overseer will appear two minutes after the assassination, failing this tertiary objective.

You do not have to actually leave the area for the game to count you as having "escaped". As long as you make it to the ladder room, you're good, as the quest will update. Climb the ladder when you're ready to leave and speak with Terenus for your reward.

Quest Stages[edit]

Sacrament: Sewer Tenement
Finishes Quest Journal Entry
The Black Sacrament has been performed for <target> at the Sewer Tenement.
Objective: Kill <target>
Optional Step: First optional objective
Optional Step: Second optional objective
Optional Step: Don't Alert the Sewer Tenement
Optional Step: Leave Before the Overseer Arrives
Objective Hint: Talk to Speaker Terenus to Travel to Sewer Tenement
Objective Hint: Alert Status: 0/5
Objective: Return to Speaker Terenus
Finishes quest☑ The Speaker is waiting for my report at the Sanctuary.
Objective: Return to the Speaker
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