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ON-icon-achievement-Plunder Skull Enthusiast.png Plunder Skull Enthusiast
ON-icon-achievement-Plunder Skull Aficionado.png Plunder Skull Aficionado
ON-icon-achievement-Plunder Skull Fanatic.png Plunder Skull Fanatic
Type Witches Festival Achievements
Points 5, 10, 15
Needed for An Unsparing Harvest
Furnishing(s) Witch's Festival, Plunder Skulls (page) (0001000010,000 Gold)
Earn [1 / 50 / 100] Plunder Skulls.

Plunder Skull Fanatic and its preceding achievements are awarded for earning Plunder Skulls during the Witches Festival, which runs during October. Skulls are earned by defeating certain bosses while in skeletal form after drinking the Witchmother's Brew, accessible after completing the quest The Witchmother's Bargain. This includes bosses found in Delves, Group Delves, Public Dungeons, Group Dungeons, Trials, Group Bosses, Dolmens, Dark Fissures, and Celestial Rifts, but excludes most quest bosses. These skulls contain special Witches Festival-themed items, including Hollowjack Style motif books, which are needed for the Happy Work For Hollowjack achievement.

Earning this achievement will allow you to purchase the Witch's Festival, Plunder Skulls (page) for 0001000010,000 Gold.


  • Since the Witchmother's Whistle memento unlocks account-wide, the Witchmother's Brew buff can be applied to alts without first completing the quest.
  • You cannot drink from the Witchmother's Brew while the buff is already applied, so if you are about to start a boss fight and you are worried the brew will run out during the fight, you can open the Character menu and right click on the Witchmother's Brew effect to remove it, then drink the Brew again so you'll be set for another 2 hours.
  • While you cannot drink the Witchmother's Brew while in Cyrodiil, you can drink it just before travelling there, and still receive the benefits, including Plunder Skulls from bosses, for the duration.


  • On PC Patch 2.6.7 broke this achievement counter, resulting in an extension of the event on PC/Mac.