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Mementos allow your character to perform special actions. They are similar to emotes, but can only be performed if the corresponding item exists within the player's Collections. Mementos are available account-wide after being unlocked in the related quests, and are not limited use, so they can be used repeatedly without consuming the item. Mementos were originally items stored per-character in the inventory as a subset of Trophies. Any mementos that were deleted by the player were restored when they were transferred to the Collections interface.

Mementos listed here are rewards given through certain quests, primarily those occurring in public dungeons, and usually represent an item crucial to the adventure.

Aldmeri Dominion Quests[edit]

Battered Bear Trap[edit]

ON-icon-misc-Battered Bear Trap.png

Obtained by exploring the Toothmaul Gully.

The trap goes snap.

Discourse Amaranthine[edit]

ON-icon-quest-Book 01.png

Obtained by exploring the Vile Manse.

A minor volume from Apocrypha.

Glanir's Smoke Bomb[edit]

ON-icon-lure-Fish Bile.png

Obtained by exploring the Crimson Cove.


Nanwen's Sword[edit]

ON-icon-misc-Sword Blade.png

Obtained by exploring Rulanyil's Fall.

A polished but cheap prop, property of the counterfeit Ayleid king.

Token of Root Sunder[edit]

ON-icon-quest-Glenumbra Corrupted Seed.png

Obtained by exploring Root Sunder.

A small seed given by Root Sunder.

Daggerfall Covenant Quests[edit]

Bonesnap Binding Stone[edit]

ON-icon-misc-Welkynd Stone.png

Obtained by exploring the Bonesnap Ruins.

A strange Ayleid stone from the Bonesnap Ruins.

Fetish of Anger[edit]


Obtained by exploring the Obsidian Scar.

A small, dark stone, hot to the touch.

Finvir's Trinket[edit]

ON-icon-quest-Gemstone Tear Blue.png

Obtained by exploring Bad Man's Hallows.

This bauble casts an otherworldly light upon its owner.

Yokudan Totem[edit]


Obtained by exploring the Lost City of the Na-Totambu.

A weathered sandstone sculpture.

Ebonheart Pact Quests[edit]

Almalexia's Enchanted Lantern[edit]

ON-icon-misc-Crystal Ball.png

Obtained by assisting Almalexia.

A light dances within the glass of the lantern, waiting to be released.

Blackfeather Court Whistle[edit]


Obtained by exploring the Crow's Wood.

Use near a corpse to call the Blackfeather Court to feast.

Justal's Falcon[edit]


Obtained by exploring the Lion's Den.

A well-trained raptor.

Lena's Wand of Finding[edit]


Obtained by exploring Shad Astula.

A gift from a fellow student of Shad Astula.
  • Lena's Wand of Finding
  • Zone: Deshaan
  • Area: Shad Astula
  • Quest: Vision Quest
  • Effect: Zaps chickens (and only chickens) with red lightning and makes them explode, sending them flying into the air. May not work unless "Prevent Attacking Innocents" is turned off.

Lodorr's Crown[edit]

ON-icon-misc-Broken Crown.png

Obtained by exploring the Hall of the Dead.

The metal is warm to the touch.

Questionable Meat Sack[edit]


Obtained by exploring the Forgotten Crypts.

There's a lot of meat in here.

Sanguine's Goblet[edit]

ON-icon-misc-Wine 02.png

Obtained by exploring Sanguine's Demesne.

The goblet is never quite empty.

Neutral Quests and Achievements[edit]

Blade of the Blood Oath[edit]

ON-icon-mementos-Blade of the Blood Oath.png

Acquired by performing a blood oath as the Bane of the Gold Coast.Dark Brotherhood (Crown Store)

Perform a blood oath as the Bane of the Gold Coast to receive the Blade of the Blood Oath.
  • Zone: Gold Coast
  • Effect: Causes the player to cut their hand and release blood.

Box of Forbidden Relics[edit]

ON-icon-mementos-Box of Forbidden Relics.png

Acquired by performing the Black Sacrament after completing all of the Black Sacrament contract achievements.Dark Brotherhood (Crown Store)

Perform the Black Sacrament after completing all of the Black Sacrament contract achievements to receive a Box of Forbidden Relics.
  • Zone: Gold Coast
  • Effect: Causes the player to perform a Black Sacrament ritual.

Coin of Illusory Riches[edit]

ON-icon-misc-Coin of Illusory Riches.png

Acquired by becoming a Master Thief.Thieves Guild (Crown Store)

Remind yourself at any time what you went into thieving for!

Dreamer's Chime[edit]


Acquired by exploring the Forgotten Wastes. Morrowind

Even choked with ash, this bell recovered from the Forgotten Wastes emits a haunting tone and glows when struck.

Hidden Pressure Vent[edit]

ON-icon-quest-Rkindaleft Hidden Pressure Vent.png

Obtained by exploring the ruins of Rkindaleft.Orsinium (Crown Store)

Rkindaleft's pressure release system was, and is, unusual.

Malacath's Wrathful Flame[edit]

ON-icon-quest-Malacath's Wrathful Flame.png

Obtained by exploring Old Orsinium.Orsinium (Crown Store)

A relic of the Cult of Malacath, useless in combat but very impressive.

Mezha-dro's Sealing Amulet[edit]

ON-icon-misc-Jewelry 09.png

Obtained by exploring the Village of the Lost.

A strange amulet used by Mezha-dro to seal tears in Oblivion.

Neramo's Lightning Stick[edit]

ON-icon-mementos-Dwarven Lightning Staff.png

Obtained by exploring the Dwemer ruin of Nchuleftingth. Morrowind

The artificer Neramo rewarded you with this Dwarven electrified cane as a memento of your adventure in the ruins of Nchuleftingth.

Nirnroot Wine[edit]

ON-icon-misc-Wine 03.png

Obtained by helping to make Nirnroot Wine in Cyrodiil.

A unique wine that is never tasted and never runs out but always gets you drunk.

Replica Tonal Inverter[edit]

ON-icon-quest-Tonal Inverter.png

Acquired by defeating Chodala and retrieving Sunna'rah. Morrowind

Recall your bravery as Vivec's Champion with this replica of the Tonal Inverter, an invention which creates sound waves that temporarily disrupt the flow of energy within magical devices.

Twilight Shard[edit]

ON-memento-Twilight Shard.png
Twilight Shard

Acquired by rescuing the Oracles of Azura all over Tamriel.

This rough-hewn crystal star pulses with brilliant Daedric energy-using it produces a dazzling tribute to Azura.

Event Achivements[edit]

2nd Annual Jubilee Cake[edit]

ON-icon-mementos-2nd Annual Jubilee Cake.png

Obtained by completing the 2017 Anniversary event.

Chef Donolon's Jubilee Cake is the perfect pastry to celebrate any special occasion or awesome anniversary. It's a festival for your taste buds!

Jubilee Cake[edit]

ON-icon-mementos-Jubilee Cake.png

Obtained by completing the 2016 Anniversary event.

Chef Donolon's Jubilee Cake is the perfect pastry to celebrate any special occasion or awesome anniversary. It's a festival for your taste buds!
  • Jubilee Cake
  • Zone: Auridon/Deshaan/Glenumbra
  • Quest: Ache For Cake
  • Effect: Causes the player to cheer and place the cake on a stand. It can then be eaten. During the event, the cake glowed golden, and eating a slice would result in a 100% bonus to experience earned for the next hour. This effect was removed at the end of the event, and the cake lost its glow.

Mud Ball Pouch[edit]

ON-icon-mementos-Mud Ball Pouch.png

A possible New Life Gift Box reward, obtained during the 2016 New Life Festival event. It comes inside a Runebox: Mud Ball Pouch item, which can be traded with other players even after the event ends. Mud Ball consumables have the same effect as this memento, but are consumed upon use.

A seemingly endless supply of mud balls, ready for tossing at unsuspecting targets.

Witchmother's Whistle[edit]

ON-icon-mementos-Witchmother's Whistle.png

Obtained by beginning the 2016 Witches Festival event.

Use this whistle to summon the Witchmother's Cauldron. During the harvest, drinking the cauldron's brew may have additional effects.
  • (?)
  • Zone: Auridon/Deshaan/Glenumbra
  • Quest: The Witchmother's Bargain
  • Effect: Summons the Witchmother's Brew in a cloud of crows. Drinking the brew during the event would transform your character into a skeleton for two hours, along with a 100% bonus to experience earned for the duration. This buff is no longer applied, but you can still drink from the cauldron.

Crown CratesCrown Store[edit]

Storm Atronach Aura[edit]

ON-icon-mementos-Storm Atronach Aura.png
ON-memento-Storm Atronach Aura.jpg

Obtained as a Superior-level reward in Storm Atronach Crown Crates.

Clothe yourself in the Aura of the Storm with this memento of Daedric summoning!
  • (?)
  • Effect: Creates a swirling wind and spark effect around the player.

Storm Atronach Transform[edit]

ON-icon-mementos-Storm Atronach Transform.png
Storm Atronach Transform

Obtained as a Legendary-level reward in Storm Atronach Crown Crates.

Assume the semblance of a mighty Storm Atronach with this transformation memento! Just be sure to hold onto your rocks.
  • (?)
  • Effect: Gives the player a Storm Atronach-like appearance.

Wild Hunt Transform[edit]

ON-memento-Wild Hunt Transform.Jpg

Obtained as a Legendary-level reward in Wild Hunt Crown Crates.

Invoke the power of the wild hunt with this transformation memento. By bough and leaf, a Spriggan you'll be
  • (?)
  • Effect: Gives the player a Spriggan-like appearance.

Wild Hunt Leaf-Dance Aura[edit]

ON-memento-Wild Hunt Leaf-Dance Aura.jpg

Obtained as a Superior-level reward in Wild Hunt Crown Crates.

Invoke a temporary aura of the Wild Hunt: Use this memento to cause mystical leaves to dance and twirl around you
  • (?)
  • Effect: Creates a swirling green aura and celestial leaf effect around the player.