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Investigate the disappearance of pilgrims around Molag Mar.
Zone: Vvardenfell
Objective: Molag Mar — Investigate the pilgrim disappearances around Molag Mar.
Quest Giver: Buoyant Armiger outside of Molag Mar, Captain Naros in The Penitent Pilgrim Inn
Location(s): Molag Mar, Almurbalarammi, Helan Ancestral Tomb, Dreudurai Glass Mine
Reward: Tribal Helm of the Defiler
Average Leveled Gold
XP Gain: Standard
ID: 5877
The pilgrims' path, full of peril
A Buoyant Armiger warned me of pilgrims being attacked on the roads and directed me to speak to Captain Naros at Molag Mar if I wanted to know more. [if taken from a Buoyant Armiger]
Captain Naros, a Buoyant Armiger, is investigating a rash of disappearances near Molag Mar. I agreed to assist her in getting to the root of the cause. [if taken from Captain Naros]

Quick Walkthrough[edit]

  1. Talk to Captain Naros.
  2. Investigate the Ashlander camp at Almurbalarammi.
  3. Investigate the pilgrims' campsites.
  4. Talk to Ibaal at the Helan Ancestral Tomb.
  5. Investigate the tomb.
  6. Talk to Baren Maloren.
  7. Lead Ibaal to the glass mine.
  8. Talk to Captain Naros at the mine entrance.
  9. (Optional) Rescue any survivors in the mine.
  10. Kill the Ruddy Broodmother.
  11. Return to Captain Naros.

Detailed Walkthrough[edit]

Investigate the Stripped Remains.

<It would be impossible to identify whoever this was if it wasn't for the personal effects nearby. The bones have been completely picked clean.>

Quest Stages[edit]

An Armiger's Duty
Finishes Quest Journal Entry
I should find Captain Naros at the canton and offer my assistance.
Objective: Talk to Captain Naros
Latest start Captain Naros suspects a nearby Ashlander camp is behind the attacks and asked me to search their camp for evidence of their guilt.
Objective: Search Ashlander Camp For Evidence: 0/2

Captain Naros cautioned me against killing Ashlanders until we have hard evidence they are behind the attacks on pilgrims.

Optional Step: Avoid Killing Ashlanders
I discovered evidence that the Ashlanders are making blood sacrifices, but found nothing conclusive. I should investigate their sacrifice site for any sign of the missing pilgrims.
Objective: Search the Ritual Site

Captain Naros cautioned me against killing Ashlanders until we have hard evidence they are behind the attacks on pilgrims.

Optional Step: Avoid Killing Ashlanders
An Ashlander caught me searching the ritual site. He hasn't attacked, so he might cooperate. I should speak to him.
Objective: Talk to Ibaal
Ibaal claims that Ashlanders have not been attacking pilgrims and said that some of his own people have also disappeared. We agreed to cooperate and he gave me the locations of pilgrim camps that he found ransacked.
Objective: Search Pilgrim Campsites: 0/3
What I saw at the campsites adds credence to Ibaal's claim that the Ashlanders aren't responsible. The pilgrims looked like they were devoured by some sort of monster.
Objective: Talk to Ibaal
Ibaal claims he's heard strange sounds coming from an ancestor tomb near the camps. He suspects something inside may be responsible for the recent deaths, but won't disturb the tomb. I'll have to investigate myself.
Objective: Explore Helan Ancestral Tomb
The sounds coming from the ancestor tomb turned out to be a pilgrim in hiding. He might be able to tell me who has been attacking others like him.
Objective: Talk to Baren Maloren
I discovered a pilgrim hiding in the ancestor tomb Ibaal lead me to. He claims to have survived an attack by the Ruddy Man, a monster of myth. There is no sign of the creature, so I should lead him to safety.
Objective: Lead Baren Out of the Tomb
The survivor I found is safe for now. Ibaal will want to know what I learned about the attacks from him.
Objective: Talk to Ibaal
Ibaal doesn't believe that our culprit is the Ruddy Man, but suggests the tracks might lead us to where our quarry lives.
Objective: Search for the Ruddy Man
We followed the tracks to a cliff face near the glass mine and the monster has appeared. I should be ready if it attacks.
Objective: Observe the Monster
We spotted the monster on the cliffs near the glass mine. It was watching us, but fled when it was detected. I should speak with Ibaal about what we saw.
Objective: Talk to Ibaal
I found evidence that the monster, possibly the Ruddy Man, has attacked both pilgrims and Ashlanders on the road by Molag Mar. I should bring my findings to Captain Naros. She mentioned heading to the glass mine, so I should look for her there.
Objective: Talk to Captain Naros at the Glass Mine
Captain Neros refuses to believe that the monster I discovered is the Ruddy Man, but has agreed to allow me to enter the mine to hunt it and Ibaal has returned from speaking to the Ashlander Wise-women. I should see what he learned.
Objective: Take Potion from Ibaal
Ibaal gave me a potion to shatter in the supposed Ruddy Man's lair that should bring the creature out of hiding. First, I must find its den within the glass mine.
Objective: Find the Monster's Hiding Spot

Captain Neros [sic] mentioned people were still unaccounted for. I should be on the lookout for survivors who may need my help while I hunt for the Ruddy Man.

Optional Step: Rescue Any Living Captives
I found the monster's lair, but it hasn't revealed itself. Ibaal claimed the potion he gave me would drive the creature out of hiding. I should smash it to force the Ruddy Broodmother into the open.
Objective: Kill the Ruddy Man Spawn
Optional Step: Rescue Any Living Captives
The monster was ferocious, but I prevailed. It will not harm anyone again. I should let Captain Naros know the true threat has been dealt with.
Objective: Talk to Captain Naros
Captain Naros has accepted that the monster in the mine was the culprit, exonerating the Ashlanders. I should let Ibaal know that our plan worked.
Objective: Talk to Ibaal
☑Finishes quest Ibaal said he and his kind would be leaving soon. I should say my goodbyes before he returns to the Ashlands.
Objective: Talk to Ibaal
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