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ON-icon-achievement-Kingmaker (desktop).png Kingmaker
Type Orsinium Achievements
Points 15
Needed for
Title Kingmaker
Furnishing(s) Throne of the Orc King (page) (0005000050,000 Gold)
Complete Wrothgar's main quests.

Kingmaker is awarded for completing the following quests in Wrothgar:

Due to the prerequisites for these quests, the achievement requires completing all of the main quests in Wrothgar. This achievement will allow you to purchase a Throne of the Orc King for your house. It costs 0005000050,000 Gold and can be purchased from Lozotusk in Orsinium.


  • This achievement was a prerequisite for claiming the promotional Inkfur Ursauk mount between March 4 and April 1, 2024. This promotion tied in with the March 2024 daily rewards where Orsinium was given away for free to celebrate ESO's tenth anniversary.