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Make preparations for a traditional Orc ceremony.
Zone: Wrothgar
Quest Giver: Chief Bazrag
Location(s): Orsinium, Temple of Ire, Scarp Keep
Prerequisite Quest: Blood on a King's Hands
Reward: Regalia of the Orsimer King
302 Gold
XP Gain: Standard
Orsimer Guards honoring King Kurog

Chief Bazrag wants to honor the memory of Kurog with a traditional Orc requiem for the dead. He believes such a ceremony will help heal the wounds Kurog inflicted on Orsinium and the clans.

Quick Walkthrough[edit]

  1. Deliver the letters to allies.
  2. Get a bottle of the King's favorite ale.
  3. Go to the castle overlook.
  4. Participate in the funeral.
  5. Talk to Bazrag.

Detailed Walkthrough[edit]

Quest Stages[edit]

Long Live the King
Finishes Quest Journal Entry
Chief Bazrag asked me to deliver these letters to our allies and a few of his old friends, inviting them to attend Kurog's funeral.
Objective: Gather your allies for the funeral: 0/6
I delivered all of Chief Bazrag's invitations. Now I should go to the King's Cornerclub and pick up a bottle of Kurog's favorite ale.
Objective: Go to the King's Cornerclub
I'm in the King's Cornerclub. Now I need to speak to the barkeep and get a bottle of Kurog's favorite ale for the ceremony.
Objective: Get Kurog's favorite ale
It's time for me to attend King Kurog's funeral. I should return to the keep and look for Chief Bazrag on the castle overlook.
Objective: Go to the castle overlook
I should talk to Chief Bazrag before the funeral ceremony begins.
Objective: Talk to Chief Bazrag
Chief Bazrag has tasks for me to accomplish throughout the ceremony. I should listen carefully to what he has to say.
Objective: Participate in the funeral
Finishes quest Bazrag has been named King of the Orsimer. I should go to the keep and speak to him before I leave.
Objective: Talk to King Bazrag
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