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# of Zones 2
Almsivi Intervention Molag Mar
Divine Intervention Wolverine Hall
Telvanni and Hlaalu occupants,
leveled Undead, Dremora
Console Location Code(s)
Odirniran, Tower
Azura's Coast, [17,-8]

Odirniran is a Velothi tower that resembles a tomb located on Azura's Coast, west of the Shrine of Azura on the same peninsula. According to local rumors Hlaalu and Telvanni have been fighting for this place for years.

Inside Odirniran you'll find a number of House Hlaalu members, and a single Telvanni wizard. There's quite a selection of loot, as well as eight leveled undead and a daedra (Dremora or Daedroth) located within the structure. A Telvanni quest takes you here to rid the wizard that lives here of the Hlaalu attempting to take over the tower. The Hlaalu counterpart quest requires you to kill the necromancer in the tower, rescue the younger Othril sister, and lead her back to the group leader.

Related Quests[edit]

House Hlaalu[edit]

House Telvanni[edit]


Name Gender Race Class Faction Level Health Magicka Alarm Fight Location Notes
Farare Othril Female Dark Elf Thief House Hlaalu Hireling(Hireling) 1 0 21 0 0 Already dead
Haleneri Salor Female Dark Elf Thief House Hlaalu Hireling(Hireling) 9 76 106 30 90
Milyn Faram Male Dark Elf Sorcerer House Telvanni Lawman(Lawman) 16 121 172 30 90 Tower If you are Hlaalu, kill him. If Telvanni, keep him safe from House Hlaalu.
Remasa Othril Female Dark Elf Thief House Hlaalu Hireling(Hireling) 15 107 124 30 90 If you are Telvanni, you must kill her. If Hlaalu, rescue her sister Vedelea.
Talmsa Falas Female Dark Elf Thief House Hlaalu Hireling(Hireling) 1 0 21 30 90 Already dead, carries a Steel Blade of Heaven
Valyne Vedaren Female Dark Elf Thief House Hlaalu Hireling(Hireling) 11 87 112 30 90
Vedelea Othril Female Dark Elf Thief House Hlaalu Hireling(Hireling) 9 150 106 0 30 Tower If you are Hlaalu, rescue her. If Telvanni, leave her imprisoned.


  • Milyn Faram has quite a number of spells in his repertoire; he also has the key to the cell where Vedelea Othril is sequestered.
  • If you're doing the Telvanni quest and you didn't kill the imprisoned Vedelea Othril before speaking with Milyn Faram again, he will reward you handsomely if you choose to listen to his theories.
  • There's a bottle of both Vintage Brandy and Ancient Dagoth Brandy, located in a wine rack in a side room.
  • The loot in Milyn Faram's sanctuary includes a number of books, a random selection of potions, armor and weapons, and a fair number of gold septims. Milyn is also in possession of a rare copy of Vampires of Vvardenfell, Vol. II.
  • There is a room in the first section below the floor that is not connected to any part of the map, and thus inaccessible without using the TCL console command. It contains two leveled undead, but nothing else of note. An interesting side effect of this is that even after you have killed all the accessible hostiles in the tower, there will still be two that show up when you use a Detect Animal effect, and you will not be able to sleep in most of the area, as the game thinks you're still in danger.
  • Odirniran appears in ESO as Barilzar's Tower. It is also mentioned in the Odirniran Necromancer card in Legends.


Map of Odirniran