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DF-npc-The Underking (face).png
Underking as seen in Daggerfall
Race Unknown Gender Male
Appears in Daggerfall

The Underking is a title of uncertain origin that has been attached to a number of supernatural beings throughout history. Individuals who bear this moniker include:

Most sources call Arctus the Underking, and there is only one source for Wulfharth's claim to the title, The Arcturian Heresy. For more information on the two, see their respective Lore articles.

Underking in Arena[edit]

The Underking is mentioned in the Arena manual:

"The UnderKing is a mysterious figure, walking through myth and legend. Some say he is actually a very old and powerful Lich, others that he is an Archmage whose very being has been somehow transformed by his use of magic. It is agreed however that he is a force to be reckoned with in the world of Tamriel, sending his undead soldiers on errands whose goals only he knows is privy to. It seems his forces often find themselves opposed to The Necromancers, a fact that reassures many, for if they were to unite all of Tamriel would suffer."

It is unclear if he can be found in-game, though one of the king's quests involves fighting his minions.


  • According to one theory, Wulfharth, Tiber Septim, and Zurin Arctus can all be regarded as parts of the same enantiomorphic Oversoul that makes up the deity known as Talos.


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