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King Lysandus
DF-Lysandus Ghost.png
King Lysandus as a ghost, as seen in Daggerfall
Race Unknown Gender Male
Born 3E 354
Died 3E 403
Cryngaine Field
Previous Ruler Arslan II
Next Ruler Gothryd
Resided in Daggerfall
Appears in Daggerfall

King Lysandus was the ruler of the Kingdom of Daggerfall. He was born in the year 3E 354[verification needed — source?] to Arslan II and Nulfaga, and eventually married Mynisera, with whom he had a son, Gothryd, who succeeded him as king. Lysandus' life was cut short in 3E 403 when he died during the War of Betony, in what was later revealed to be a trap set by Lord Woodborne of Wayrest.[1][2]

As king, Lysandus was a trusted vassal of Uriel Septim VII. During his rule, the Kingdom of Daggerfall became the mightiest power within the Iliac Bay, to the disfavor of the kingdoms of Sentinel and Wayrest. Although his loyalty to the Empire of Tamriel was assured, his faithfulness to Mynisera was not so distinct. He had numerous affairs over the years; his last liaison was with the former court sorceress of Daggerfall, Medora Direnni. Lysandus' rule was also affected by frequent infighting between the three major kingdoms of the bay. One of these struggles finally cost Lysandus his life.[1]

Lysandus was killed during the War of Betony. While the exact details are vague, historians from both sides of the conflict agree that when the armies of Daggerfall and Sentinel met at Cryngaine Field, a mysterious fog descended upon the battlefield. When it lifted, Lysandus was found dead, shot in the throat by a Sentinel archer's arrow. Prince Gothryd was quickly crowned the new king, and left to lead the armies of Daggerfall. Gothryd challenged the King of Sentinel, Camaron, to single combat. Camaron was slain, thus ending the War of Betony with an overall victory for Daggerfall. In truth, Lysandus did not die during the battle, but was murdered the night before by assassins from Wayrest.[2][3][4]

Mysteriously, Lysandus' corpse was entombed at an unknown place. However, his spirit did not find rest after his death. For years, he and his spectral army haunted the city of Daggerfall, spreading fear and dread to the citizens, until his spirit was put to rest by an agent of the Emperor.[1]


  • According to The Daggerfall Chronicles, Lysandus was born in 3E 314. However, as this would make Lysandus older than both his parents, this date is likely erroneous.


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